FS2020 change complete Path

Actually MSFS is on —D:\WpSystem\S-1-5-21-2505310597-635466402-714712391-1001\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\Packages\Community ---- installed. But I have problems with copy,moving and delete folders because the file location is too long for windows.

I try it to move the community and official folder to “D:/MSFS/Packages” so I start the game after MSFS show me update 90 GB? I change the folder to D:/MSFS/Packages , but nothing works he tell me 90 GB update. So i move the complete MSFS (with all Localcache files, appdata files) to D:MSFS
I start FS he tell me again download complete MSFS ???

Pls help me, i would like to use D:/MSFS/ for installtaion + package path and if possible without reinstall 90 gb again. What can i do??

You must change the path at the end of your Usercfg.opt file
to match the new path for your simulator folders.
You can open your Usercfg.opt file with Notepad.

Why not keep it at simple as possible?
Move the Official and Community folders to D:\MSFS.
Then edit the last line of the Usercfg.opt file to read
InstalledPackagesPath “D:\MSFS”

I did it, he show me again update 90GB

we have some existing topics related " path too long " .

As example:

( may be subst will also be work , it assign a path to a “drive” instead a “link” )

You know what, I had the same problem, then I bit the bullet and reinstalled everything to a nice F:\MSFS2020.
Maybe I didn’t have to be so drastic, and admittedly MSFS had been just released when I did it, so I didn’t have that many WUs to reinstall. But I didn’t want any problems and wanted the sim to have a clean slate.
It worked like a charm.

i dont understand why he tell me again 90GB update ? I moved packages and set the correct new folder? I controlled if files or folders missing, but the size number is correct. I have 15-20 games and MSFS makes the most problems on my computer -.-

how many games you know where you can move parts of it to a completely different folder ? :wink:

You managed now the “long path” issue and moved the files to a different folder and changed the UserCfg file ?.. then it should work ( if you moved whole Packages, and not only Community folder )

We have here a good summary, which also mention a link to the official FAQ.

If that not helps, may be redownload would be the more stressless option.