Fs2020 controls and joystick sensitivity after update 5

hey guys so after sim update 5 my controls are messed up on my Logitech 3d extreme joystick pro before the update they worked fine but now after update 5 when i move the throttle or yoke or yaw they lock in and it takes me a few seconds to a minute to get it going or my plane moves all over the place and the throttle yoke and yaw lock in the middle of the runway when im trying to take off anyway if anyone can help me solve these issues please msg me back thanks from csimms

i posted my sensitivty info below incase anyone needs it

Hello @FinishingBoss50 ,

your issue was moved into #bugs-and-issues:hardware , as it seems peripheral related.

Odd. I noticed no change at all.

(However I have virpil joystick, pedals and throttle and have never changed sensitivity.)

I use a OLD MS Sidewinder…

for example i pull my throttle up on joy stick and in game it will not go up same thing with the yoke and yaw i have to move the throttle up and down a few times just to get it going