FS2020 install/Win10 install Locations - should i seperate these?

Does it make sense to install Win 10 on a separate drive than FS2020? or what about formatting a 1TB M.2 - 4.0 SSD into 2 equal partitions and installing win10 on one partitition and FS2020 on the other

Is there any benefit to doing this?

I imagine one depends upon the other, right?

no, it doesn’t make much sense.

it does however make sense to put rolling cache, manual cache, and fs2020 on different drives as they will all be used at similar times, sometimes in conjunction.


I have installed it on a 500gb SSD with the operating system, and the rolling cache on a 1Tb HHD.

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Thanks for the reply’s - i just needed some clarity.

Appreciated :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

This is almost exactly my question. I have searched these forums (quickly) but cannot find an obvious guide as to how to configure an installation “optimally”. i.e. splitting of OS swap/FS program/FS data

I am in the process of building a new machine (FWIW going all AMD Zen3 + new AMD graphics… I think +32Gb) and as such have available to me the following storage locations :-
500Gb (possibly 1 Tb) NVM sitting on a dedicated pcie4.0 (CPU) channel. This is/was going to be my OS boot drive along with Office Apps. Probably system paging file also ?
1Tb SSD - general App storage for different games/apps e.g. Steam cache , FS cache ? etc.
2Tb HDD (or maybe SSD’s)for e.g. photos/music ,etc.

I am purchasing/installing FS from Microsoft Store (not Steam) . I want to choose explicitly where to install it. ( I know I could do this with Steam as well though).

So, where to install FS to ? The NVM drive or the SSD ?
Then, can I tell FS where to store downloaded/cached scenery/data files ? SSD or HDD ?

I know Windows will want to take up some space for paging, I am assuming that the NVM will be okay for that, but if my system is paging then I might want the actual program/scenery data to be on a different location(s) to the OS memory swap file ? i.e. would having FS program/FS cache data/win10 swap file all on different locations be sensible ?

This setup must be really common amongst FSimmers ? Any links to useful guides/ “best practice PC FS2020 install and system config” would be good…