FS2020 on a Clean Install of Win 11 22H2, installs on D: & F: Drives

Understand the default install of FS2020 base files on C: (boot drive).
On install of FS2020, told the program to install to D:\FS2020.

C: is the boot drive (has Win 11 installed on it).

The install program installed the Community folder and Official folder
onto the D: drive.

It installed the other WpSystem and XboxGames folders onto the F: drive.


  1. UserCfg.opt is physically located on the F: drive.
    It shows the install location correctly.
    "InstalledPackagesPath “D:\FS2020”
  2. WpSystem folder is on the F: drive.
  3. XboxGames folder is on the F: drive.

->>>> These 3 were always on the D: drive before.

  1. The Community folder and Official folder are on the D: drive

->>>> I don’t know why the files are installed onto the F: folder.

FS2020 works fine.

Up to this Win11 22H2 install, FS2020 has always stored
all the files onto the D: folder.

Please, can someone please explain why and what I can do to change it back to the way it has always been?

Win 11 default storage locations are C:\ .


I’ve always had some duplicate useless folders in C: users blah blah ect … the fact they are their torments me but with counseling and self medication I’ve learned to ignore them with the exception of some MD-80 files that insist on living there. (The Community and Official are completely empty but I delete MSFS rebuilds)


Lately my custom install makes two MSFS folders