FS2020 System Requirements

I have an HP ENVY laptop. 1 TB SATA hard drive, 12 GB RAM with a GeForce GT 740M GPU.

100 Mpbs internet connection. Windows 10 64 bit OS.

Though not a high performance rig, I believe it exceeds the minimum requirements.

When I launch the installation, I get a message the the system “doesn’t meet minimum requirements.”

Thus far, I’ve not been able to download the entire game because of the time involved.

If the simulator doesn’t perform well, I plan to upgrade RAM to 16 GB and the GPU with a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M.

Nvidia Geforce 760GT
8GB Ram
Game installed on HDD

These are my specs. Every time I launch the game, I get the same message. However, 1980x1200 res., I play it on medium settings. Volumetric clouds are on high setting. Antialiasing is TAA. Magically I am able to get 20-25 fps with this computer. Sometimes it even goes up to 30FPS. I have seen many people who are very frustrated because of low FPS and stutters even though they have very high-end computers. However, I feel very lucky to play smoothly with this system on medium settings. And even in medium it looks stunning.

Hope it can give you a reference.

Best of luck

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The store page says “GTX 770” minimum.

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Thank you for your input.

I guess I’ll know better once I have the game up and running.

Yes, I’ll have to get the game setup and see how it runs. I hesitate to run out and get a gaming laptop or desktop. That’s an expensive proposition.

A RAM upgrade will only set me back $89.00 USD.

I’ve had excellent results with my GeForce GT 740M.

I had no problems with FSX.

FS2020 is a beast! I have to tackle and tame the beast!

Thank you for your comment.

If you haven’t already bought the sim, you could probably buy the GamePass for a month and test if it runs properly.

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Thank you for your response.

Yes, I have GamePass. It came with my purchase.

I’ll try to run it that way.

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No luck with GamePass either.
The hardware requirements are still quite rigorous.

I can add another 8GB RAM for a total of 16GB then install a faster SSD.

The cost of the hardware is manageable, about $140.00 USD.

Well I found out, that using my old full hd screen is they only way to get acceptable fps. Running 9700K, 1080TI, 16G Ram and 100/40mbit internet connection.

My 4K screen will sit and wait until some patches help - or you can buy way better hardware…

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I have pushed the bottom line down, I think, by running it at almost-playable FPS on a GTX460 (1gb)

I can’t say I recommend anyone doing so - It’s quite brutal. All settings are bottomed out and it requires downscaling to DVD-age resolution (720p)

Even this, only buys enough leeway to grant a very grainy (where not unreadably blurred) image and performance plagued with fits and stutters. All player actions, such as moving the view around seem to take up to around a half second to actually manifest on screen.

Curiously enough, the mouse cursor remains as responsive as it is on an idle windows desktop - Obviously it works by a wholly different system that isn’t bound to rendering.

Naturally I’m already researching good deals on a GPU replacement, having once again met the harsh, implacable jaws of hardware obsolescence.

Until then, we may at least learn something about the true bottomline of software compatibility, for Science, if nothing else…

The rest of the PC still has at least one foot inside the “hardware envelope” for FS, with a late-middle-age, sub-mediocre i5 5200 processor, 16gb DDR3 ram, and an incongruous raid-0 dual SSD arrangement for a terabyte of virtually instant-access disk space…

So yeah, Not an usual PC at all - Even the Mobo is weird, with a passive backplate arrangement. - It used to be a rack server before I did a fairly low-budget conversion to make it a PC where game development work could happen, albeit at the lower end of “viable”, performance-wise…