FS2020 won't launch if Oculus OVR Launch Service is running in the background

Hi All,

As title suggests, if I hook-up my Quest 2 (hence enabling it’s support apps, including OVR Launch Service in the background), the sim won’t continue launch. It displays the splash screens, and once the blue progress bar is near the end, it crashes to desktop.

I have the latest updates (Win 11, Quest 2 apps, nVidia).

RTX3080, 32Gig RAM, 12700K

Anyone has the same problem?



I use a Quest 2, via cable, but I haven’t encountered this issue, yet.

I’m on Windows 10, with RTX 3070, i7-10700k and 32GB RAM.

Having said that, with the recent updates to Oculus (ver. 40, 41, 42) I have noticed that Oculus rarely closes properly after a session in MSFS. Most days I have to manually kill the processes via task manager, or simply force a shutdown.

I’ve since opted out of the Oculus public test channel and noticed a minor improvement.

I’ll give your issue some further thought.


Thank you @DeltaFlyer44

I forgot to mention, the problem began after sim update 9.

I haven’t upgraded Oculus to its latest version due to busy schedules. I will do that and see if it works.


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