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FSATC - A Flight Simulator Community

FSATC is the largest VATSIM alternative for FS2020 and FSX. With over 7,500 members any pilot, or ATC, can experience a realistic simulation. Our unique developers have even created a one of a kind Flight Strip program to allow for the maximum amount of efficiency and realism. Join, or learn more on our discord.

Flight Strips

We have a one of a kind Flight Strip program. The FSATC DIGISTRIPS (flight strips) allows for great realism when a pilot files a flight plan and the same for when a controller takes that flight plan. Take a look: https://strips.fsatc.us/


FSATC holds frequent events and staff up’s created by the community, and ran by them as well. If you want to fly in hurricane weather, or test your ski’s out with other pilots, or even the perfect sunny day, join our discord and we can make that happen for you.

  • To check out our upcoming events visit here.
  • To create your event join here.

Virtual Airlines

Do you have a virtual airline? If so, FSATC has a marketplace style promotion for all VA’s looking to get new members, or, announce new projects. Our VA team has worked very hard on providing an organized system to allow all VA owners to showcase their work. To learn more, visit here.


Ever since the launch of FSATC a pilot and ATC training program has been around. We have developed it and grew it to what the program is today. With 9 Virtual CFI’s you can be taught the basics or advanced parts of flying. If you are interested in being ATC we also have multiple ATC instructors who can teach you all the way to your rating. Once you finish your training you will receive a badge allowing for a more realistic and fun simulation. Learn more here.

So what are you waiting for? Come join us and have fun!