[FSB] Vertigos in Portugal

Multiplayer Event - Vertigos in Portugal  

Date / Time July 27th, 2022 - 02:00 PM CDT /// 1900Z /// 19:00 GMT
Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Server: EAST USA
Departure ICAO: LECO
Arrival ICAO: LPFR
Aircraft Recommendation: Vertigo
Target Speed: 220 / 240 KTS

Flight Conditions

WEATHER & TIME: 5:30 PM Local Time, “Preset Hot Summer” from Advanced weather presets V1 add-on (if you want)

About the event

It’s summer time! let’s enjoy an extra, mid-week, event. I present you a fun and fast ride with the light and nimble Vertigo across Portugal. 520NM, from the North to the South coast. Rivers, shorelines, mountains, bridges, highways, wind turbines, …

We will fly low and play with the terrain and its features. And since the Vertigo is such an incredible aircraft, we will always remain within a very comfortable performance range and everything will be incredibly easy. This is definitely going to have a taste of vacations :slight_smile:

Smooth landings, powerful take-offs, the runways’ length will never be a problem. Add to this a very high maneuverability and if you need to catch the group because you took a little detour, still no problem: You can reach 350 knots in the blink of an eye and go back to 240 knots as soon as you regrouped with us. The full panoramic view offered by the canopy in one piece will be stunning. There will never be a better way to admire all these beautiful Mediterranean cities we are going to fly by: La Coruna, Vigo, Porto, Coimbra, Lisbon, Portimao and Faro.

Of course, as usual, if you think this sounds already too easy, and you want to bring your war bird to the party for some more challenging flight, you are very welcome to do so!

Take-off is at 19:00 UTC. The flight time will be about 3 hours long and we will make a 10 minute break at LPFI. And as always with Flight Sim Break, Join when you can, leave when you must!

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Other Information  

Please post event screenshots in the #screenshots channel.
Voice channel highly recommended even if you can’t speak. We tend to have a lot of fun in voice :wink: We also announce breaks and additional info in voice chat and we help you with flying techniques if you have questions.


Make sure you have the Desktop App Running Before Clicking the LINK!

Flight Plan  

Vertigos in Portugal.pln (25.3 KB)