FSDreamTeam GSX for MSFS

Having flown in FSX, and P3D, it sure would be nice if the developers would port over GSX to MSFS, especially their level two with people moving in airports and even passengers and flight crew boarding the aircraft. MSFS is so sterile without this type of airport activity, IMO.


Totally agree. I believe it is on its way. With pushback :blush:

Without proper sdk they cant do it yet but they are going to do it at some point

Yes! I am surprised that MSFS didn’t come with a sdk.

Already in development.

I’m not :cry:

It will surely come though

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hope you enjoy!

Yes, I emailed Umberto and he stated they are waiting for Asobo to add some key features so they can continue development.

I have not heard much about GSX coming to MSFS2020. Just wanted to know if anyone has heard anything about it or if any details of release date or even if it coming to Flight Simulator 2020.

It is coming to msfs, but no release date yet.
Just take a look at their FB page.

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I don’t think the SDK is complete enough for them to develop it. It’s quite a complicated programme.

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About GSX they said they are waiting for sone things to be covered in the SDK. If that happens, they will be ready to adapt it to MSFS pretty fast. Guess they are still waiting…



As I was intrigued about whether GSX would work with purchases through the marketplace, I decided to bring this up in FSDT’s forums. And an amazing response I got!

It’s great to see that GSX WILL work with airports that are purchased from the marketplace.

Link to the forum post: Purchasing through the MSFS marketplace


Do you have any information of release date of GSX? I’m waiting for it with too hype, but I couldn’t find anything yet.

I’t´s been a while since I heard the latest news from GSX by FSDreamTeam for MSFS. What do you know? The last I heard was they were waiting till Asobo improved the SDK. Are there any further information?
I had GSX in P3D and I enjoyed it so much. I can’t wait for it to come out for MSFS…


I haven’t heard anything new either other than the usual “sdk” bottlenecks that is always mentioned in their forums. Perhaps after the SU8 “bug fix” update.


Today when I went to update my gsx for prepar3d, it opened this window (a different window than the one it used to open for updating) which has a sentence on the bottom left: “MSFS community folder”.
I haven’t heard anything about a GSX release for MSFS yet, just that it’s in development. Do you know something? could It be a clue of a soon release?


FSDT tend to release their products as a complete suprise… so I guess it could be at any time.

That’s very interesting. I was losing hope that GSX would not release in MSFS due to SDK limitations, but hopefully I’m proven wrong.
I know a update to Toolbar Pushback will be released soon, including new features like pre planned pushbacks. So this will more than suffice for the moment

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