FSDreamTeam or JustSim Basel Mulhouse?

Hi, I’ve seen two Basel Mulhouse airport’s, one by FSDreamTeam and the other by Justsim. The FsDreamTeam one is around £12 and the Justsim one is around £11. I’m Just wondering which one is better and If the FsDreamTeam one is worth paying an extra £ for? Thanks.

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FSDT all the way.

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I will go for the FsDreamTeam one since it’s not that more expensive, Thanks.

JustSim is on the lower end of 3rd party developers in my opinion. FSDT, flyTampa, flightbeam are the benchmark in terms of overall quality.

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Anything FSDT makes is great. One of the best developers out there.

I’ve had great experience with fsdt with MSFS Zurich and earlier with FSX as well.

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There is a direct comparison on YouTube.

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Most JustSim products (not all) look mediocre and expensive.

Go for FSDreamTeam. Their products are pretty good for both quality and price. On their forum, they mentioned the next release for MSFS will be KIAH Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport. I cannot wait now! :grinning:


I only have FSDT’s Basel but judging from the videos it‘s better than JustSim‘s. I know the airport pretty well IRL and I think FSDT have done a very good job. The only thing that‘s not that good are the blurry ground textures in front of the terminal, but since you normally never see that area from up close it‘s no problem really. As far as I can tell that area doesn‘t look any better in JustSim‘s version anyway (rather worse actually) so I‘d go for the FSDT one if I were you.

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I bought the FSDT version in the marketplace.
The only bad thing about the marketplace is that the update doesn’t arrive.
Available for weeks at FSDT.

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I‘m glad I bought it directly from FSDT. I run their updater on a regular basis and most of the time I run it some files are updated. They really have to do something about the marketplace. The idea of having all addons in one place is intriguing, but having to wait for weeks for an update is quite annoying.

I do am interested to see how Gaya zurich will compare to FSDT’s version :slight_smile:

That will be interesting to see. I have FSDT Zurich one and am happy with that.

Waiting for Munich coming out form them I have Gaya Vienna and is good as well.

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I have the FSDreamTeam version and it’s great! They usually keep a very high standard as others have pointed out.

Hehe I have Gaya vienna too and can’t wait for what’s next to come (I do own Aerosoft/simwings Munich but that is also a really good rendition and I dont have anything to really complain about:))

Do you guys have crashes after SU 5 when using the FSDT version of the airport? Mine keeps crashing a couple minutes after loading.

No, everything‘s okay on my end. I‘ve flown there quite a bit since the update.