FSDT - Chicago O'Hare (KORD)

When I found these FSDreamteam artists, I bought several places they crafted. Sometimes in Market Place, I find things “Owned”, never visited, or properly reviewed.

Chicago O’Hare was one of them. I remember O’Hare shown as a tower and runway only. in MSFS 2.0

This airport is incredibly detailed on all kinds of technology. There’s a worked out cargo section, a fuel station… also, roads in the surrounding area were revised.

Enjoyed a few hours of droning around the area !


And if you like - you can enjoy the now added de-icing pads there with the GSX Pro update - in case you don’t already have the full version of GSX Pro - you can use the tool for free at FSDT airports.

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hehe I may buy it, to see that equipment, but must confess I am a Savage Cub anarchist admiring your artwork, I don’t understand de-icing, how to request it, how to welcome passengers and other tube stuff.

My first FSDT love was LFEQ - Quiberon (just pictures), I also recently reviewed KEYW - Key West : :nerd_face:

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Oh roger, yeah no de-icing pad needed for that one :smiley:
Nice airport details, thanks for sharing with the links to the other airports too.

Quick question - do FSDT airports require a GSX profile from place like flightsim.to or is is it in built?

It should work per default, as FSDT does the customisation for their own airport but do check that you are using the latest version of their airport through the FSDT installer to ensure that updates for GSX from FSDT airports are received.

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Another question is couatl included in msfs ?

That’s FSDT’s scripting language and runs separately from the sim. It’s included with GSX.

Thanks, what I meant to say was it is in all FSDT’s software correct?. When I was using P3d it always popped up whenever I opened the sim. I hated it. Unless they get rid of it I don’t bother with them.