FSEconomy Connection Issues

Is it just me or does the whole FSE infrastructure seem to have collapsed under the weight of all us noobs from MSFS? All last week, as I waited patiently for my game world account to be set up (I was told it would take a while due to the sudden influx), at least the FSE forums, online manual, and server webpage worked fine, so I could do my homework prior to actually trying to play the game.

By Friday night, I finally had my game world account. Got on the server web page, rented a plane, and loaded some folks in it. But I couldn’t get the client to connect to the FSE server (it noticed MSFS no problem). Finally gave up and went to bed.

Saturday, it was the opposite problem. I started about 1100 looking around for a good job. By about 1200, I was just starting to set it up when the server web page went down. Just couldn’t connect to it at all. Sometimes the browser would try for a while, sometimes it just instantly said “this site can’t be reached”. At the same time, the forum started doing the same. Sometimes I could get to the forum index but never read individual posts without “this site can’t be reached”. At other times, it was like the server page, totally unreachable. However, if I started the FSE client, it showed connected to both the server and the game.

This situation continued all through the afternoon until finally, just after supper, I was able to connect to the server page long enough to set up a flight and go. I picked a short flight in a fast plane because I didn’t know how long this would last. When I landed, I got a message saying the flight had been logged, so I quit MSFS and went to the server web page to see the results. And “this site can’t be reached” for half an hour. But at least, the flight really did get logged.

Same thing today. Can’t get to the server page at all, and can’t get further than the index page of the forum. Thus, I can’t even report my problems to FSE.

So, I’m wondering if any staff or major FSE player is here, and can tell me what’s going on. I’d be more than happy to chip in if they need to buy a new server all of a sudden, but I can’t get on the site to say so :slight_smile:

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They’ve had some DNS issues and the server has been down. They are aware and working on it. Also they never built a proper user registration system and the only way to create an account was to request one from the forums… with FS2020 release a lot of people signed up and they got crushed with account requests. Hopefully tis will motivate them to finally finish a normal user registration system.


Thanks for the word. Is this because it’s overloaded with noobs or just a coincidence? I don’t really know what a “DNS issue” is, so I pretend it means “Does Not Serve”, which seems to be what happens when DNS issues happen to servers :slight_smile:

No kidding on that. I signed up on Monday and there was a banner saying it would take several days to set up new accounts. I went back to my post on Tuesday just to see if it had even been viewed yet, and was SHOCKED to see I was already on Page 10 of the topic in about 18 hours. Holy Frijole!

For me it’s been down the whole day. Hope they sort it out.