FSEconomy servers down

Servers down for the last 48 hours any one knows what happen.

Jim CAL004

add “ server.fseconomy.net www.fseconomy.net fseconomy.net” to your C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts file

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They posted on their facebook account that they have closed servers for maintenance. Anyone who is waiting to be accepted will still be on hold until they put the servers back up.

“We have temporarily suspended accepting new members while we work through some technical issues. For those who are still waiting on a Game World Account, the approval process is still ongoing. Our volunteer Pilot Service Reps are working through your existing requests as fast as possible.” ~FSEconomy August 29th.

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Twitter has the only updates I can find. Apparently DNS trouble?

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Thanks fo the update

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I’d love to try this software, still no news ?

its working fine now

I still see on the website : " # new user registrations are temporarily disabled " …

i thought you were talking about the DNS issues… those have been resolved. i am not sure about the new registrations but it should open up soon if still closed

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Hello, as this topic is dated Aug ‘20, closing as this seems more a Third Party relation and was being auto-bumped. The Clubs & Groups section is more dedicated for posting of / joining different flight groups. If you wish to discuss FSEconomy, you could use the dedicated #third-party-addon-discussion section of the forums.

Thank you.