[FSimStudios] - CYEG Edmonton International Airport


Looks great. I have their Kelowna and I’m definitely going to buy this one.

Anyone know when this will come to the MSFS marketplace?

Finally!! My home airport, getting this tonight as soon as I get home.

BTW, I love the detail where you can optionally turn on/off the interior of the airport and remove the static aircraft

Just bought it, it’s great. Very good detail and amazing on FPS just like the rest of their sceneries. Can’t wait for YYC.

How do you turn these off? I saw that mentioned but couldn’t figure it out

I bought it through Orbx. On the Orbx control panel/downloader, just click on your purchases. That takes you to the page where you can either validate your files, uninstall, or view installation options. Then under the installation options, you can remove the interior and static planes.

Sorry to post again but does anyone know how to disable the interior/static aircraft through MSFS?

Activate it on the contrail store, then go to “configure” and you can disable static aircraft and disable the terminal interior if you’d like.

Thanks. I had bought it through the MSFS marketplace and contacted FSim, apparently you can’t disable those if you own it through the game. Wish that was mentioned on the product page

Regardless their support was great and they transferred my license to Contrail so it’s all good now

On another note - anyone seen performance with this add on decrease since SU10/WU11?

I’m getting barely 20fps on the runway with static and interior disabled, with any plane. Previously I’d typically have at least 30-35 on the ground

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Sorry to hear that. I bought it on Contrail after the SU10 was released and the performance on this airport seems quite fine to me. I have only static aircraft disabled, interiors enabled.

Anybody try this on Xbox? It’s a huge file. I’m afraid it may cause crashes.