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Was reading the updates / comments on FSimStudios Facebook page regarding YYC release and they stated YWG would be next.

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I saw that too and am pumped for it!!Currently live in CYXE but moved from CYWG a few years back so often fly out of both. I think CYWG could look great with the new aircraft museum!


Saw an update yesterday that they are shooting for early Summer. First day purchase for me!

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The update;

Time for an update…

First of all, just want to say thank you all for the support and feedback we’ve gotten during the past few years. Some of you may know, but we have been doing this as a part-time hobby for the past few years - Fred is a teacher, Ryan is getting started in the airline industry and I (Gabriel) have been working towards an engineering degree + doing technical work in engineering. The Flight Simulator community has grown massively in the past one or two years, and this combined with strategic partnerships, has allowed us to grow the business to allow one of us to transition to Full Time flight sim development. Today was the day: I became a full-time flight sim dev.

Now onto the announcements…


We are at a point where I’m comfortable and confident saying that we are one month - perhaps a little less - away from release. Plus/minus a week for testing, optimizing, and such. The terminal is mostly done, ground poly is mostly done, really just a matter of putting it all together, finishing touches and we are good to go. As we approach the release date, we will begin releasing new screenshots, teasers and the trailer video.


As soon as Calgary is completed, we will put all our resources into Winnipeg. 3D modeling for Winnipeg is currently about 70% completed, and we are targeting a release in early summer.


No timelines at this time. We are prioritizing MSFS above any P3D project due to obvious reasons.


For the past few months, we have been supporting the talented dev team at Texan Simulations with dev resources and distribution for their first commercial product: Houston Hobby KHOU. As you may know, the FSExpo is happening very close to KHOU this year - and for that very reason, having KHOU is a must in the sim. KHOU is being developed at an excellent quality standard and will be released within the next month through all FSimStudios distribution channels.

Summer and Beyond: Already discussed it a few times on the Discord channel, but we are planning a Vancouver V2 and Halifax V2. We have a few other projects in the “early research” stages, but no concrete roadmap yet.


I just got CYYC for MSFS on Xbox. Unfortunately, I think I am going to have to uninstall it. It looks great, but I am crashing even with a stock Cessna 172. I was really looking forward to this one. It’s sad.

I would imagine this is a result of the memory limitation on XBOX.

Just found this thread. YWG still coming eventually, I hope. My hometown, and the current airport scenery there is AWFUL. Hyped for this!

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How about that taxiway that throws your aircraft up in the air?

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Is there an update on CYWG? I know YYC has been out a while, wondering if you are still moving forward with your plans for Winnipeg.

It will be after CYUL, and that’s now running behind the promised schedule.

YWG is in active development, there are internal discussions on YUL due to the fact that there have been 2 other iterations released but progress continues in development for both sceneries.

Ryanosaurs13 - Fsimstudios

It could be argued that you now have the advantage, in being able to see exactly what the two already released versions are all about. I bought BMW/Amsim’s as it was almost 50% off — it’s very good but if yours turns out to be considerably better, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another version.

My only concern is that your stuff tends not to run well on Xbox. But it’s an interesting time for PC users who seek a good CYUL, and I can only hope your rendition lives up to the hype.