FSimStudios Vancouver International Airport CYVR, Bravo!

Who else has tried this? Anyone from FSimStudios on here and feeling chatty?

This was really worth the wait! I should have taken screen shots, but mostly I’m just enjoying looking at the airport too much to take snaps! A big old 6GB and it shows. Really palpable step up from the previously available CYVR. The two seaplane terminals (CAM9 and CYHC) at the airport and downtown are sorely needed additions to the Vancouver MSFS experience! Pairs beautifully with the Bush League Legends new XCub on floats! I don’t do much technical flying or do the airliner thing, so can’t say I tried any of the airport infrastructure out yet, just take off and landings and flying all over it amazed at the details. Certainly spent time doing take offs, landings and trying my skills trying to nudge up the the docks at the seaplane aerodromes! Check out the harbour seaplane terminal around sunset! Got to love Vancouver!

I did just get a 1.1 from ORBX, just after shutting the sim down tonight. Not sure what’s in the this new version out so quick, but I’ll fly it when I can.

Only small quibbles I’d like to see improved are some of the textures on the docks at CAM9 seaplane terminal at the airport could be sharper for snapshots with yer favorite seaplane docked. And the ramp from the water up to the airport is not a functional ground surface or collision object, so no transitioning any amphibs there. And maybe some of the collision bounds on some docks were iffy or missing? Granted there could also be issue with the XCub’s floats collisions? Didn’t test with the Icon A5 or anything a proper debugger would. Maybe I should check and see if 1.1 effects any of that before mentioning it.

I should also add in chat on Facebook some mentioned wanting another product to improve the Bing photogrammetry of Vancouver downtown. And someone at FSimStudio indicated they would consider a product like that if there was enough demand. So, please, if you would pay for Vancouver city scenery, please let FSimStudios know!. Vancouver looks amazing with stock MSFS (not the airport, the stock YVR is sad and generic autogen). But there are plenty of places (besides the stock VYR!) that fall apart close up, the waterfronts and seawalls have poor photogrammetry in many places. The base bridges are really basic and generic (there is a good freeware bridge package!) The port downtown really needs detailed hand made cranes, the bing photogrametry of the port doesn’t do it justice. In short, I’d LOVE to see a Vancouver city product to pair with the awesome CYVR!

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I’m getting some pretty severe performance issues with this, stuck between 10-20 fps on high/medium settings, with FSdreamteams CYVR I get steady 35 fps on Ultra settings. Using a 2080 Super and i7-10700

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Works great for me, no performance problems. The update is to better align the ILS.

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I just replied to your topic on the performance issues. Check that reply out. Your PC specs seem fine, depends on settings, I had a 2080.previously, 4K was iffy, but standard HD was fine.

Thanks for the data point. I’ve had lower fps at times, but a fresh reboot mostly or nearly completely solved those. I often need a fresh reboot to get my best fps, especially with dense scenery.

Anyone who has this scenery, care to comment on the night lighting?

I haven’t tried it at night. When I do, I’ll comment. Maybe I can find a little sim time tonight.

ORBX has one night shot on their page for FSS CYVR, just on a terminal, not the whole airport from the air, but looks quite nice and natural.

I’m having issue where ILS frequency doesn’t automatically get added to radnav when selecting ILS approach. Anyone else having this issue?

Sounds like you bought CYVR? How does the night lighting look to you?

Did you figure out a solution to the ILS issue? If not, certainly contact FSim Studios at their website, I’m sure they can help. Or get a fix into future versions. According to a post above the 1.1 update that came out soon after 1.0 first release was for an ILS issue, so they may still be working out some kinks on that.

If anyone still wondering, lived in Vancouver for many years, imo the night lighting is pretty mediocre.

For some reason they messed up the warm/cool hues of lights and put a transition halfway through the international terminal. Here’s a reference pic vs the pic in the sim below.

Heck if you look at the reference picture the majority of the airport should be the cool lights instead of the warm lights.

Then the AC North hangar is messed up as in they forgot the light on the “AIR CANADA” sign as well:

That aside though, it’s a pretty good rendition. The only other comment I have are the inaccurate ground markings, especially the runway marking and taxi line contrast.


Went for the FSDT version, which looks a bit outdated in terms of texture quality and modelling but that’s find for me.

You chose the FSDT version given the choice of both? To save $1? Because you wanted a lighter, much less detailed add on because of a slower system or just can’t sacrifice a single fps?

There’s no comparing the visual quality and details. FSS is a whole other level compared to FSDT CYVR.

I’m no expert on comparing the airport night lighting in MSFS, I rarely fly at night. Sure, comparing to your reference image it’s not a perfect match, the larger area lighting does look cool overall, whereas FSS did make a kinda half/half warm/cool look. The warmer lights in the reference are more the smaller lights on the terminals. And they could make the terminal windows lit up brighter compared to the outdoor lighting. And your reference is brighter overall, but that’s a matter of photographic exposure as much as anything else. Sure seems like nit picking to me. Looks great to me unless I’m directly looking at the reference side by side. Have you compared the FSDT or stock CYVR night lighting?

But may be worth sending the reference image to FSS and see if they are interested in making improvements.

Sure it may be nitpicky, just throwing my opinion out there regarding the night lighting. Bottom line is that it’s not totally accurate regarding the light colours, even when looking at other reference pictures and videos as well. That said, I’m not saying the airport is bad. It beats any other competitor out there and is the best CYVR in FS2020 to date. I’d recommend it no doubt.

I’ll consider sending something to FSS soon but I’ve already made the fixes myself since it’s not that difficult of a fix.

Ah, I’d love to see your fix if you don’t mind sharing it. I did have the thought that some adjustments might be easy to do, but I haven’t looked at the files associated with night lighting at all? Did you just modify some textures? Or are there “tints” being applied by some parameters in the config files?

I bought the FSDT version on the day I bought MSFS, which is more than 3 weeks ago. The FSS version was not available at that time and I do not plan to switch to it. That is what I meant.

Would you share some details about your fix? Even if it’s not a real HowTo but some hints about what to look for?

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Well, I didn’t get near the sim time this weekend that I had hoped. But the little time I did have I tried to fly out of CYVR at night and, well… The airport didn’t load properly. Almost all of it was missing except parts of the jetways. It was mostly empty ground with just airport texture on it.

I’m not ready to blame the add on just yet as I have TONS of stuff in my community folder, so who knows what else could be gumming up my add ons. I did go a little nuts on the ORBX sale and added several Pac Nor West airports before the problem. I did fly to Kelowna since I had just bought that and it looked great. So the issue may be related to CYVR. I’ll have to do more testing. Try CYVR without anything else in my Community directory.

But if anyone else has similar issues please do shout out!

Ah, I gotcha. The FSDT version is a lot better than stock and I understand not wanting to buy an airport twice, especially if it’s not your main local airport. I too bought the FSDT version soon after it became available. But for $11 bucks more, the FSS version is totally worth it if you spend a lot of time around CYVR. My only big issue with the FSDT version is the end half of the jetways would never appear until I was right up on them and then they’d very noticeably pop into existence. And I had to be so close to them to get them to appear, if I was far enough up to see the whole airport, only a few jetways under me, closest to me would look complete. So that did really make the FSDT version very annoying. Maybe not everyone has that issue.