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REVIEW: Aerosoft Mega Airport — Brussels National Airport — EBBR – Flight Simulator Internet News Network (fsinn.org)

I purchased the new Aerosoft MEGA Airport – EBBR and wrote a brief review over on the FSINN website. In short, this may just be the best airport created for MSFS yet. In my opinion, this is a must have. The visuals are stunning and I didn’t suffer any performance hits.

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Its a very nice airport but I am not keen on Aerosofts VDGS to be honest. Faffing around with a menu system to activate what should work automatically with any approaching aircraft including AI (this can be done) doesnt really do much for realism in my opinion.

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It’s not much different from how the GSX menus of P3D worked. Just one more thing to do as we taxi in… flaps up, landing lights off, “Shift+V” stand XXX activated.

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I updated my review on fsinn.org to reflect the idea about the how the VDGS should be operational at all stands at all times. However, the VDGS does not detract from the visuals nor the overall performance of this airport.

I can’t get the VDGS to work using Shift + V. The file appears to be located in my Community folder, but MSFS Content Manager shows it is not installed and will not install using the manager.

Did you install the three downloads via Aerosoft One? They do not need to be re-downloaded or attempted via the Content Manager in MSFS. It should work.

It worked fine for me on two different computers.

There a big problem in this airport with parking spots cause the guy who made this airport made all gates parkings medium size so if you using ai traffic addons all heavy aircraft like 777 787 a330 dont gonna show on the gates let hope they fix this bug in next airport update cause is a basic SDK mistake

I just finished looking at all of the real-world passenger arrivals at EBBR for the past 24 hours, and with the exception of one A330-300 from Rwandair, every arrival was with an A321 or smaller. I’m not a genius, but with the past 24 hours covering the busiest part of the busiest travel day of the week, I’m going to venture out on a limb and say this is pretty typical. So, the problem is not with this airport package. And just because an airport is labeled as “international” doesn’t mean it serves heavies. Jackson International here in Mississippi doesn’t serve anything larger than an A321.

if i go flyaware i can see on departure and arrivals normally over 10 heavy aircraft like B777 B787 and A330, I use this airport few times for international connections and all was heavy aircraft, and with the mod AIG traffic that has airlines schedules from 2019 you can see how many heavy aircraft park on ramps and some disappear because they don’t have enough big parking available

Yes, I downloaded all of the files from Aerosoft One. After downloading, I opened MSFS and installed the airport from the Content Manager. Everything loaded correctly except the VDGS. The Content Manager shows the VDGS Driver as uninstalled. I deleted the program from Aerosoft Manager and re-installed it again. The results are the same. The VDGS does not work and using Shift + V does not bring up the menu box that allows changes to the information on the signage. Aerosoft support has been absolutely no help after several contacts.

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I did ask Aerosoft if the VDGS system worked automatically for AI. The response I received was that they developed the menu system because it gave them the flexibility to have whatever text they liked on the displays. My response was that having to use a menu to trigger the displays and not having AIG AI triggering the VDGS automatically was not very realistic. That aside, the airport is very good.

MiguelDB8 Use Aerosoft forums and mention the parking issue. At the very least they will respond if you politely ask why there are not enough heavy parking spots.

@MiguelDB8, your “heavies” that are listed are probably cargo flights. I don’t know AIG nor how it works, but it sounds to me like you are wanting it to force something that doesn’t exist in real life. I already told you what I found when looking at the busiest travel day of the week. If that isn’t conclusive enough for you…

actually, someone already complaining about this bug in the aerosoft forums and the creator said they gonna fix on the next update

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lol imagine how wrong I m that in the aerosoft forums someone already complains about this bug and the creator said that is gonna be fix in the next airport update, is a small bug but i don’t get why you defend this so hard when is such an easy to go Flighaware and see the aircraft and clearly see heavy passagers airlines from multiples destination (Asia, NA , Europe)

There were 203 arrivals during the past 24 hours at EBBR. 26 of these were heavies with 9 being cargo flights. None of them, according to Flightaware parked at a gate. All were either parked at Cargo stands, or at hardstands away from the terminals. None of these aircraft utilized VDGS but did require the use of passenger buses because air bridges just don’t reach that far. And according to what Joe Erlend said, he is going to be fixing the hard stands away from the terminals so that heavies will be able to park where they are supposed to. I defend this so rigorously because there isn’t room at the EBBR terminals for a heavy to park. Have you ever been there? I’ve been there twice.

i been 9 times and all on international flights from the B gates where heavy aircraft are,
just see on google earth where the heavy aircraft are parked you can see easily the difference of size Brussels Airport - Google Maps

and good job for going to the aerosoft forum to tell them not to fix this this guy is hilarious

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How is performance for you? I am struggling with high variance in fps between the a and b pier. Looking at it causes lag spikes.

Aerosoft EBBR is very demanding in frames, there is another EBBR that is more frame rate friendly from JUSTSIM , but Aerosoft is more detailed. The other one is also nice, at Aerosoft you see people walking around in the buildings, the cars are also the right ones driving around Brussels airport. Opening and closing doors when a car enters or exits, etc…

Considering accurracy, the aerosoft one is certainly the one to buy. I’ve been working on the airport for 3 years.