FSLT VRAM usage spike!

Hey all, I recently installed the fly by wire FSLT injector and initially it was working fine, but soon after some time, my VRAM usage has incredibly spiked and become bottlenecked. Most of the time I get around 4-9 frames per second. I have seen in many places that FSLT would affect the frame rate terribly. I just wanted to know that is there any workaround for this. so that we can use the plug-in without having to sacrifice much fps, or at least without spiking the VRAM usage to bottleneck.

Liveries occupy VRAM. You can try to decrease the traffic sliders to 20-30 but if you have a low-mid range PC, FSLTL is not recommended.


Decrease your traffic numbers, try to switch to DX11 if you’re on DX12, there’s way less VRAM used in DX11…

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Downsize all of the FSLTL 8K textures to something like 2K. That should ease VRAM usage.

There’s a post here somewhere with those instructions and the tools needed to do so.

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Okay I till see❤️