FSLTL and DLSS3 massive fps drop

when using FSLTL and DLSS3, i’m having a massive fps drop.
Here’s a chart of frames times


5800X3D + 4080
Sounds weird no ?

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Wierd yes. Are you sure, FSLTL was injecting traffic in your TAA cases? Cause some performance drop should be expected unless you are GPU bound.

oh yes it does inject
i’ve did more tests : actually dlss3 seems broken and FG introduces a lot of stutters …

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I use DLSS3 regularly whenever approaching a big airport or flying out of one. And i use FSLTL with very high settings like 80% or so and it doesn’t behave like that on my setup. But then again, I lock the frame rate to 60 in either case. But in Big airports even without FSLTL, i cannot get to 60 FPS with TAA. So DLSS3 helps with getting to 60FPS and adds a headroom to use FSLTL in those scenarios.

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FWIW, I use the following settings with FSLTL that gives good AI population and I get a negligible performance drop when it is running with a similar 5800X3D and 4080 system.

I just think traffic generally is very hard on frames. The DLSS pretty much interpolates the frames you have, so I suspect the traffic in your case reduces around 30 frames!