FSLTL - FS Live Traffic Liveries is live!

Injector will inject AIG models that are .gltf models. Injector wil not inject .mdl models, that are from p3d/fsx era. AIG has some .mdl still in collection. If you use real time online with FSLTL and AIG, you have all the fsltl and AIG models in use!

This doesn’t seem to have worked for me. Both AIG and the injector sit in my Community folder yet I don’t think I’m seeing any AIG models. I presume it’s pointless just moving all the aircraft in the AIG Simobjects folder into the FSLTL Traffic Base Simobjects folder?

Which AIG models are .gltf? Good to know which are additionaly injected by FSLTL

You can do that, i have done it, but you have to build that pack again. It wont work without building it.

Best test with AIG is Dubai, if you have premium deluxe version. And that airpot with this addon OMDB Dubai Int’l Overhaul » Microsoft Flight Simulator that will modify gates that A380 will fit there!

Which AIG models are .gltf?

There’s a whole thread on this exact error here. Been going on for a while by the sounds of things-

That you have to look yourself, i didnt look of that. I only calculated how many MDL there was. My method is:

  • go to airplanes folder
  • put search (.mdl)
  • it will list all the .mdl in the airplanes
  • you can do same for GLTF but it will harder to pick airplane models there, because of hundreds of LOD files with .gltf ending.

Is it then even worth it to keep AIG folder in Community Folder then? If only like 20% are spawned by FSLTL? :thinking:

here is list of aircrafs, AIG is providing to FSLTL injector (total of 85 aircraft models, 60-70% of them are .MDL as i remember). As you can see, lots of GA aircraft!

Well from your answer it is clear that you don’t know much about PSXT. No problem, i will add that column to your overview when i am back from holidays.
Btw, real traffic costs 90 dollar a year not 180 . The normal license is sufficient. And installing PSXT is a piece of cake if you already have liveries installed such as AIG and or PSLTL. It will find the liveries and your airports automatically.

Btw, a question, are you the developer of Enhanced Life Traffic?

Is it just me or is the takeoff roll for FSLTL models longer than default or AIG models.

It looks like the workaround they did was that the models still do the short takeoff but only a very small distance from the ground to make it look like the plane has not taken off yet. Interesting work around.

I can monitor and test this later this week. If there is diffrence, i will find it.

Yes Im still working on ELT to make it better and better… ;-), and yes I don’t know much about PSXT. It sounds good but also 90€ p/y are a lot only for traffic. And I don’t like to make Abo’s. BTW: If you want the Excel sheet for the overview, I can send you per Mail. Need your E-Mail-andres!

MSFS Application Error - memory could not be read - Bug Reports / CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

As you might already have seen, from the linked thread above, this CTD has been happening for quite a while and although i can’t guarantee that it isn’t code within FSLTL that is also causing this issue, I suspect very much that it isn’t.

This CTD appears to be hitting more and more people and can apparently lie dormant for quite a while, before making an unwelcome return. A large number of potential fixes have been claimed, but all these appear to do is to maybe delay its return, so it might just be that a slightly varied memory imprint of MSFS does affect the likelihood of it happening.

Hope springs eternal that MS/Asobo are actually investigating this one and will soon find a permanent fix.

Injector V1.1.1 is out. Minor update via FBW installer.

Small bug fix for above Injector release rolled out (1.1.1) the silent start option wasn’t working properly after the last release - now fixed


Love this! My sky has never been so full, and I see contrails from low altitudes when flying VFR. It has really improved my traffic immersion for me. I am running 85 IFR and 15 VFR, and there has been 0 hit to FPS. Very happy so far!


If you hit on a big airport at a busy time you might see FPS drop or at least CPU being loaded. As I found out at KPHX last night (19:00 UT)

I turned my injector settings down a bit more this morning (RJFF->RJAA), still lots of traffic but sim running much happier now. I think I’m on IFR:65, VFR:5, Parked: 4, Radius: 120, Blocked : 60 , Blank liveries : not used. Quite flawless today, running injector V1.1.1.


oh please add some synthetic to place what doesn’t visible in radar. not even one aircraft parked on llha just because it’s invisible in radar. i mention that before. but this is place i flight much in the game/sim… sure i don’t ask to add ac only to llha. just make program with some synthetic option for airports, that don’t tracked by radar24

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I saw a380 from AIG in the sim while using the injector.