FSLTL - FS Live Traffic Liveries is live!

Mod Edit: This is the FSLTL Discord for support purposes.

After months of testing in secret, I’m thrilled to see FSLTL go live today!

This package is an absolute game changer in the most literal sense of the word, and over 900 AI airliners from all around the world into the sim through the slick Flybywire installer. Enjoy!



This is amazing!


I installed it and couldn’t believe it. At KLAS I counted not one, not two, but THIRTEEN planes moving at once! Unreal. Very promising. It didn’t impact my FPS, but in all honesty I was simply watching the movements from high above the airport. I have to head out for now (talk about the mother of bad timing) but I’ll be back later tonight. Crossing my fingers.


Just tried KLAS myself and I have atleast 25 planes + moving on ground + several planes coming in to land. Wow!


Oh wow! I will be installing this tomorrow! Thanks!

Great to know. Is there a way to temporarily disable AIG to try this tool? I dont want to delete completely AIG just to try this since the installation of AIG is duration and painful.

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Does this need to run an “injector” program?
Or can it work with basic bgl using MSFS builtin traffic control, and thus would be controlled by MSFS builtin ATC?

Have to ask the obvious question…

How does it compare it AIG? Does it crash all the time like the AIG Traffic Controller? Kai from AIG has said continuously that the crashing is Asobo’s fault. This new injector should either confirm that allegation or stop the finger pointing for good.

Either way, really happy to have some competition here. Traffic really enhances the experience of the sim and AIG has not really made any visible progress in months.

Fingers crossed.

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This is great for us folks who are just absolutely too lazy to install AIG.:rofl:
Thank you FSLTL & FBW !:beers:


Also curious do the aircraft move naturally ie no skipping/pausing or spinning around?
Other addons that use injectors had this issue due to how MSFS works

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So far so good. Won’t be using AIG again.


Wow! Admit this is a bit of a surprise.

I had read there was some payware option on the horizon but did not know AIG was getting free competition.

Was this known to be coming? Is there also a new payware package coming?

The one from JustFlight is coming also

I guess this explains the new FBW installer that came this morning. Was surprised to see it. Thought it was to support the .9 stable release of the A320. That will be great too but this is so much cooler.

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Worth a quick read of this page that explains the limitations/known issues:


These are the most interesting parts:

Scope of Injector Input

  • The injector reads real-time data of aircraft location/type/departure/destination. NOTE: there is around a 30-second delay in this data.
  • You will get a lot more traffic than Asobo live traffic, just be mindful that this may affect performance. However, so far performance does appear good with the latest native models.
  • Flights are point to point when not using the FlightPlannerDB option
    • Example result: Origin airport to destination airport, linked to MSFS ATC so you will hear them communicate with ATC. ATC will control the take-off and landing of each flight.
  • We use SimConnect from Asobo which is still being improved. There are known issues with the API, and you might see crazy flight behavior from some aircraft on occasion.
  • Once inserted into the sim, the injector no longer controls the movement of the aircraft - this is purely handled by MSFS. This is why ATC, TCAS, and other components know all details about aircraft.
  • Aircraft are actively removed that move out of range (around 200km) from the user’s plane.
  • Injector removes aircraft that go around due to MSFS bug that they will then continue to circle forever. They are not removed immediately but after around 60 seconds when some distance away from the airport (to prevent immersion breaking of vanishing aircraft). They will then typically be parked at the destination airport a short time later assuming parking is available.
  • If enabled in settings the injector does insert static aircraft at airports based on real-world data collected over several months. The insertion is based on the percentage chance of seeing a livery/model combination at the real airport.
  • FSLTL injector tries to keep things moving at airports by culling aircraft that get stuck while taxing, we do this more aggressively than the default Asobo time frame.

Known MSFS AI Limitations & Behaviors

A number of AI limitations and traffic behaviors exist in the sim which affects all AI solutions including FSLTL. These issues require fixes from Asobo which we hope to see in the future. If you wish to upvote the issue, then you can do so via the MSFS forums here.

The known issues are:

  • Aircraft spinning on taxiways where path is blocked.
  • Wrong runway assignments for given Metar.
  • Runway incursions and high go-around - MSFS ATC limitation
  • Slow runway exit speeds
  • Parking at wrong terminals - limitation of some scenery design, required dev implementation
  • Aircraft labels not supported currently

Please also note that when the injector reads real-time data of aircraft location / type / departure / destination, there is around 30-second delay in this data, along with additional delays due to MSFS inputs. Positioning won’t be 100% accurate but will be very close to real-life.


Thanks for the effort.
I will have a try soon.
I used AIG before. But it’s really a nightmare to install or update it.

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Looks really good, enjoying it very much. Home is CYYC Calgary, and have noticed a few aircraft just white, both q400 and 737s, why would that be? otherwise great, lots of Westjet and AirCanada

those white planes are real flights we still don’t have the livery for, we have a long list of those to dos and eventually there will be less and less of those “stubs”