FSLTL inactive after returning to original airport

Hi all,

I have completed an EDDS-LEBL-EDDS flight with FSLTL working just fine until I arrived back at the airport of origin (here: EDDS). When I landed, the airport was deserted from any FSLTL traffic although it should have been heavily busy according to FR24 and planes were still flying around overhead. Also, the jetbridges stopped working.
Have you encountered this before? I know that FSLTL has caused fps issues when returning to your original airport and I’ve only experienced this behaviour of not injecting any traffic after updating FSLTL. Is this a new means to prevent fps to drop or is it a scenery (JustSIm) issue with EDDS?
After returning to the main menu and starting the flight at the same gate, FSLTL injected all flights properly. Would be nice to have some activity at the airport of origin after returning as well. Thanks for any help!

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Same problem here!

Have you found any solution ?

I have the same problem but not with FSLTL, with AIG.

Thank you


No, according to FSLTL’s Discord server, the problem lies with Asobo. Workaround offer: Land, park, exit to main menu, restart flight from same gate, fly back to origin airport. Admittedly, I haven’t tried that yet because exiting to main menu is a nuisance.

but it is the only option. All AI addons have this issue, it seems as soon as an airport is “unloaded” from the internal cache it can not be reloaded…