FSLTL not loading any airplanes

Hi all,

I am desperately trying to get FSLTL to work but so far no luck. I installed everything several times but result is always the same.
The console seems to be working fine and there is no error messages or crashes. Same applies for the sim. However, there is not a single aircraft being spawned, be it in the air or parked. I checked both with the SDK method (by displaying the number of objects) and on littlenavmap - there is nothing. I need to note that I have been using AIG for years and am also using it in MSFS without a hicup. Seeing that this is easier to handle, the result I am getting is even more confusing.

I checked the log and the kind of errors I am getting are

[2023-01-05T14:36:08.177] [DEBUG] default - SimConnect Exception: OBJECT_OUTSIDE_REALITY_BUBBLE for aircraft AFR

[2023-01-05T14:13:05.057] [DEBUG] default - SimConnect Exception: CREATE_OBJECT_FAILED for aircraft BAW313

[2023-01-05T14:13:21.805] [DEBUG] default - SimConnect Exception: OBJECT_CONTAINER for aircraft RYR1245

the last error is particularly frequent which is why I am suspecting an installation issue. But then again, I ran it several times with no change…

Some help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys and gals!

I would uninstall the FSLTL base models using the FBW installer, then reinstall them.

If that doesn’t help, you could go to FSLTL’s discord and seek advice there.
They will inspect your log, and will be able to give you the correct advice.