FSLTL offline

Hey there,

Just a simple question, is it possible to use FSLTL while being offline?

Long story short, workwise I’m not always able to have a good internet connection, I do a lot of offline flying and try to get some traffic with real liveries.

Thank you in advance.


Wouldn’t be FS Traffic the suitable choice

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I was hoping to go the cheap way haha. But I’ll buy that one in this case.

Thank you


Alpha india group is freeware…its offline traffic. It has almostvevery airline and options to download which airlines and flightplans you want.

Its now a lot easier to download, compared to when it was first released.


Thank you for the advice, I’ll try that one first. :+1:

I am using AIG traffic. They have option to disable default AI, then in sim there are a lot of AI flights based on real airlines flight plans 2021, 2022, 2023…, so not real time but they are real routes and real plans.

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As soon I have reliable internet again I’ll give it a try. :+1: