FSLTL or FS Traffic?

FSLTL for me. Performance-wise the difference doesn’t seem to be too big. And for me the fact that I only have traffic on the planned route is a show stopper. I mainly fly VFR and don’t always use a flight plan. Also I don’t fly much from big airports. so traffic for me is only added atmosphere. I also still use Simple Traffic because it’s very light on the resources

Press Windows+R and paste this: %APPDATA%\fsltl-trafic-injector

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Based on the choices, I would suggest FSLTL. It has far more coverage of airlines/planes, has effects built-in, and best of all, its live traffic and free. The built in live traffic is absolute garbage if you want any semblance of realism. If you just want something moving around at your airports, then I guess its fine, but you won’t see any airlines, just the default liveries. Even with FST, FSLTL, or AIG installed, model matching is awful. FST I think might be a better alternative in maybe 3-6 months, but still missing lots of cargo airliners and planes. AIG is also good for coverage for airlines that FSLTL is missing.

FSTL is free, it has more aircraft types than FS Traffic, and way, way, more liveries.
For instance, the only airline which flies out of my local airport is Avelo. FS Traffic doesn’t even have an Avelo livery, so I don’t see FS Traffic models there. The FSTL model is slightly lower in quality, BUT it does have an Avelo skin so I do see Avelo operate. AIG also has Avelo liveries.

Personally I’m using FSTL as the main, with FS Traffic and AIG models as fall back. I also use GSX Pro, but had to disable ground clutter.

FSLTL over FS Traffic but for me AIG over them both. Because of geography I require offline AI traffic. FSLTL doesn’t offer that option and FS Traffic has the limited spawning capability of origin and destination airports only (and no freighters).

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For me, both FSLTL and AIG.

AIG for when there is no/little live traffic and FSLTL for the rest of the time.

Admittedly AIG is a bit of a pain to set up (I think it took me about 12 hours) but once done it is worth the effort. I did take a copy though of the downloaded models. Once was enough.

The aircraft in both versions can be optimised to give great fps and both are very good imo.

Personally, at the moment I see no reason to spend £27 on a payware version given the high standard of both of these excellent freeware packages.

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Can someone tell me if either FSLTL or FST also inject GA aircraft, light aircraft, corporates etc? While airliner traffic is nice it would also be nice to have AI traffic of smaller aircraft too.

You can use the Offline GA Traffic addon for that.

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FSLTL here too, though I have it set fairly low to accommodate my weak CPU. On the plus side, it also means less jamming up the ATC frequencies with non-stop chatter (which can make it hard to respond or make new requests in busy areas).

The only thing I don’t like is it’ll auto close when you close the sim, or simply stop working if the sim crashes. I’m often tweaking my settings, which means many restarts and CTD’s if I push my hardware too much. When restarting the sim, I have to also manually restart the FBW launcher to then restart the FSLTL injector.

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Interesting… so far it seems that not even payware is able to deal decently with AI traffic. I have to say that also FSLTL doesn’t really work to my liking, because even with AIGround and AIFlow turned on, it frequently messes up the scenery: planes sometimes appearing out of nowhere or disappearing into the void or (whats way more annoying) huge stack-ups of planes in the middle of the runway, breaking the immersion on the one hand and causing the CPU to bottleneck on the other, bringing my fps down to 5-10 which can be a real challenge at the end of an approach. And also, sometimes some airports are completely abandoned, no AI traffic loading at all or otherwise, they get filled with all kinds of planes not belonging there. So it often happens that I get an F/A18 on teh parking position of a small UNICOM airport or a SR22 at a heavy jetway of Charles De Gaulle. This all even with the corrective addons. I think we still have to go a long way to a satisfying traffic simulation.

As far as I remember, FSLTL use live traffic from FlightRadar24 which means whatever the time you set in your sim, you’ll have only the live traffic. Living in Europe, but flying a lot in US, I have to change time of the sim to not fly always at night :slight_smile:

On the other side, FS Traffic is flightplan based, no ?

I use FSLTL because it’s free, and with the FBW installer already on my PC it’s easy to set up. I like it a lot, definitely adds to the SIM.

With the current unstable state of the AI in general, I personally prefer using freeware which seems to be well supported and works most of the time. AI is still quite rickety in msfs therefore it is possibly good idea to save my pennies for the time being and refrain from any payware temptations. :sweat_smile:

Has someone with FSLTL and FSTraffic cheked how long the sim loading time
is only with FSLTL models and only with FStraffic models?

For me my 100s of community folders (Sceneries, Libraries, …) use an extra of
20 seconds, FSLTL base alone in the community folder more than 1 minute.

Plain MSFS with empty community folder: 1:38
with all sceneries, liveries, navigraph, mods except FSLTL … 1:55
plain msfs only with FSLTL base : 2:45

How does FS Traffic compare to this?

And maybe how do they compare to AIG ?

When all 3 have similar loading times, then this explains the long loading times some of us experience (when 2 or 3 of these are active)

FSTraffic is 24GB, FSLTL is 28GB. They’ll take about the same time to load. AIG is 50GB.
I have all three included and MSFS takes 4:30 to load.

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Thank you.

I think the problem are not the GB, its more interpreting the 1000 of .json/.xml config
files. Looking at the data transfer rates there is no high peak which stands for loading
the bigger files. Would be nice when the devs could find a way to speed this up.