FSLTL or FS Traffic?

Just trying to see what everyone is preferring one over the other? I have mixed feelings about both products.

For instance with FSLTL I can definitely see people having performance issues. My main drawback is the the fact that for 10-20 minutes sitting at an airport nothing happens, then out of nowhere 4-5 planes will all start moving and getting stuck inside each other.

With FS Traffic you can pretty much forget about using GSX Pro as they are not compatible due to the simobject limits…

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FSTL works great for me, but I’m rarely flying from massive airports. I have GAIST installed too and have no problems. Typically I’m flying from UK regional airports in the 146, this week for example I’ve flown from London Stanstead to Geneva, Helsinki, Montpelier, Perpignan, Dusseldorf all without issue. I have a 2K monitor, RTX3080 and 12900k processor.

FSTL has cargo planes. FST does not. That’s a deal breaker. Also FST windows on planes look terrible in comparison.


Alternative - Simple Traffic+ Live Traffic. No injectors or add ons needed. Zero fps loss.


I have Simple Traffic by Aerosoft and FSLTL, so I can’t speak to FS Traffic by JF. I of course don’t use both at the same time. My preference is honestly FSLTL, however I frequently forget to turn it on. If you’re also likely to forget to turn it on, you might prefer Simple Traffic or something similar. Otherwise, if you use something like MSFS Addons Linker, you can pretty easily trigger the FSLTL injector to start once the sim has loaded and SimConnect is available. Speaking of which… going to go do that before I forget again.

@Stardrifter2232 it is very simple to add a program to the MSFS autostart, you need to find the exe.xml file and add it:

        <Path><your path>\Community\fsltl-traffic-injector\fsltl-trafficinjector.exe</Path>

In addition, you edit the FSLTL settings file fsltl-trafficinjector-config.json:
"silent": "Yes"

And that’s it, you don’t have to remember it ever again


I used to use Simple Traffic, but after I switched to PC, I started using FSLTL.

I switched to FSLTL only because I wanted the real life modeled airplanes.

Personally, I would use FSLTL as it is both free and highly accurate.


Nice method, thanks! I just set it up in MSFS Addons Linker so that I can enable/disable it and set it to run on a delay and/or when SimConnect is available.

for a while i did use FSLTL + MSFS Live traffic and it did the job pretty well. no significant loss in FPS but hits where it makes sense (busy airports, PG scenery, 4K 3rd party airports with aforementioned…)

I did bite the bullet on FS Traffic and using FS Traffic, AIG and FSLTL seems to cover most bases of AI livery (and vatsim model matching…rip the CitationRJ900 at denver this morning)

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I merged Simple Traffic and FS Traffic so that I could see the labels and they work together flawlessly…No FPS drops at all and I get traffic all though out my flight.


FSLTL for me. I resized all the livery textures to a 2k resolution, played a bit with my graphic settings and everything runs smoothly, even with my Ryzen 3900 and a RTX 2080. I do avoid very big hubs like LA, NY or London though. And I don‘t fly the Fenix. Apart from that I‘m using tons of other mods: AccuSeason, We love VFR, scenery, ship traffic, birds, Pilot2Atc, and GSX. No problems.

I was heavily interested in FS Traffic but it‘s obvious limitations, bugs and especially it‘s price turned me off.


Fsltl. Fst is not working properly for that amount of money. Wouldnt buy it again.


How do you set AddonLinker to launch an external program automatically at MSFDS start?
Thanks in advance!

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Options > Advanced Options

I also enabled auto-start SkyDolly within Addons-Linker.

Only prob is simple traffic looks terrible

One thing I keep in mind, is not only FSLTL is 100% free, but it’s also constantly upgrading.

The product is still somewhat new, it’s going mature over time.

I’m satisfied with FSLTL, the only reason I would go FST is because apparently it has better performance, but I’d rather to lower the LODS a bit in order to gain fps vs buying FST. At least for now.


I use FSLTL with FST as primary model source.

I love the way FSLTL populates the skies in-route and how I can folow real time flights in Flight Radar 24 at my departure and destination airports, and see them happening in FS a bit after (sometimes it fails, but in general it really changed my FS experience).

Bought FST to provide models for FSLTL because the latter often used blank liveries (I know this can be disabled, but I feel this is kind of cheating). Now with FST as primary model source I have almost no blank liveries, and FPS have improved slightly. For the money, I´m happy

I see no reason to complain about the price they are asking for FST, it does not require a second morgage, and paying the price of two airports for something that improves your experience at every single one, seems more than reasonable to me.

So, FSLTL+FST for me. The best FS experience I´ve ever had.

Oh, yes. Before I had Simple Traffic. Sorry to be blunt, but always considered it a worthless joke.


I have both FST and FSLTL and i find the latter better on performance and similar fps. FST is very hit and miss, sometimes on loading the departure airport is empty, i have to restart or sometimes close and start again, sometimes i even have to reboot the pc before it works.

But, my problem with FSLTL is its only live traffic, as i live in Asia but fly in Europe the times I fly the skys are empty.
I understand most people want live traffic, but i wish there was a way of injecting schedules into it.

So it means I am being pushed to use FST more than I would like.
Hopefully things will get better in both options

I use FSLTL and AIG I like that AIG has a lot of obscure regional and cargo carriers. I like how the FSLTL injector will match from AIG if possible. I have all the generic and blank liveries set to off. I get a decent amount of traffic but still not the same level as I get with the MS Live traffic system.

Also I am running AIGround and AiFlow which I think are MUSTS as it improves things on the ground a lot and helps in the air.

I like that both systems are free and being upgraded on an ongoing basis.

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Where do you find that FSLTL settings file? I have looked in both of my FSLTL folders in my community folder and neither of them have any config.json

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