FSLTL question

I just installed FSLTL and I am wondering what determines what runway planes will use to depart and land. Is it just random, weather related etc

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They use the same active runway that you do as a general rule, but if the wind changes direction in the sim I have seen it happen where landing aircraft which are already established are coming in on the opposite runway to the one that is being used for departures. Very rarely though if you are sing live weather.

Runway usage is controlled by the sim and AI providers have no control on it.

OP, how has your performance been with FSLTL running, specifically with injected aircraft?

I’ve been struggling imputing decent number in the tool. I have a a capable computer and it’s flat out choppy for me.

FSLTL was causing problems for me too, and I have a capable PC as well. What I tried (at the instruction of Carsten, who writes the GAMod) was to use the AICullEnable feature of AIFlow (available on Flightsim.to) to reduce the number of planes in flight around me. After using the default values in the ini file, I noticed quite an increase in FPS, and more importantly a much smoother experience.

I also have had low frame rates with FSTL even when adjusting settings in the app. I take a pretty big frame rate hit but the view has been slow but acceptable. I will take a look at the app you mentioned.

FSLTL effectively increases demand on your CPU by injecting AI traffic for MSFS to control. As MSFS is already a fairly CPU heavy program, this is likely to have a significant impact on your FPS.

You can compromise by reducing the number of aircraft that FSLTL injects and/or reduce the level of the MSFS settings that impact more on CPU than they do on the GPU. For example, a reduction in the level for TLOD and Volumetric Clouds can help to ease the pressure on the CPU.

I’m hoping that the AI traffic that will be controlled by BATC, via a separate program, when the full version is available, will not have such a high impact on MSFS FPS, but only time will tell,

I asked on their Discord and was nudged to this FAQ. Check it and the video out as well. My advice is read it all. This was extremely helpful.