FStarter can take you from ramp/gate to runway with a mouse click

If you are in a hurry and don’t have time for a long taxiing to the runway after you have started up the airplane at the ramp- use FStarter.

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why not just start on the runway ready for takeoff?

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Of course you can start on the runway and skip the airplane start up procedures if that is what you want.

But, this topic was if you start at the ramp/gate in C&D and want to skip taxing.

Sounds like a solution in search of a problem. Hard pass

If you’re too short on time to taxi, you’re also too short to do C&D

I don’t really see the niche this serves


I have a big problem with FSTARTER, namely I can’t use it after starting! No matter what I do and which airport I choose, I get out of the program. For example, when I want to select an airport and click on the airport icon, the program kicks me out.
Nowhere is there a forum or support where I can report my problem and get help. I would be grateful if someone could help me so that I can use this useful program.

If you have FStarter v3 you should see a Forum button on the FStarter screen.

If you search FStarter Forum with Google you get:

where you can find Forum link and email for support.

We live in a short attention span world.

Some folks want maximum realism, and won’t adjust sim rate on a transatlantic flight. Some want to shortcut as much as possible. Some are tweeners.

I can see why some people want this. I think it’s enjoyable to taxi and look around the airport, watching ground trafffic and AI planes taking off and landing as I approach the hold short position. For others it’s a burden.

FStarter has a lot of functions and this example is just one of many things it offers.

Main features are:

Create your own POIs in list format and on maps for easy teleporting.

View all MSFS POIs (1484+) in list format and on maps for easy teleporting.

View all MSFS TIN cities (450+) in list format and on maps for easy teleporting.

Set up traffic patterns, procedures, etc., and test your approach and landing skills at any airport in MSFS.

FStarter is ideal for VFR flying and exploration of the MSFS world.

FStarter can be used with all MSFS airplanes.

Flexible and easy to use with many different use cases.

FStarter documentation: FStarter.pdf

That really expands my appreciation for the possibilities. Thanks for the more detailed explanation!