FSUIPC 7 - Control Assignments

Who’s used FSUIPC 7 to configure their controls now that the simconnect bug is no longer a bug? I’ve always used FSUIPC to configure controls, which I am hopeful in the case of MSFS will help with the oversensitive controls we currently have to deal with.

Those that have used it, does it help tame the control sensitivities in MSFS?

I’ve been at work all week and don’t get to play until the weekend, otherwise I would answer this question myself.

Hello! I’m doing a test now I’m telling you that … :smirk:

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What exactly is FSUIPC? The only context I’ve seen it in prior to this is running it to that other SimConnect apps can interface with the sim (e.g. FsRadioPanel or Pilot2ATC).

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So little test feedback … I have a “737 Throttle Quadrant from FlightSimPM” throttle, I had a lot of buttons that I could not configure properly with the game interface, so with the software everything works…
I have not yet tested the joystick axes I just received my “THRUSTMASTER Airbus Edition” (AND ABOVE ALL MORE DROP IN FPS) (for me) on my side its working correctly… :smirk: :+1:t2:

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