FSUIPC reporting 1100ft higher altitude

So you don’t see “cruising” in smartcars.
Today I was flying at FL370 but on the map of my VA it was 38100ft.
STD baro set.
Any fix for this?

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Known issue. There have been many posts here on the forums about it. It’s not an FSUIPC specific issue. It’s something in the weather engine of the sim. It may be addressed with the fixes included with WU VI scheduled for 8/24.

Yeah,thanks, when turned off real wx it is correct altitude.

Depends which variable you are using. If it’s plane altitude this will not be fixed because it’s correct. When you set your altimeter to STD you’re measuring pressure altitude and what GPS altitude this results in is depending on the weather (ambient pressure, temperature).

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For the last 5 years of simming I didn’t have such a problem. Is it going to be solved by Asobo, FSUIPC or IVAO/Vatsim?

Well does that mean it was correct?

I prefer a more realistic implementation and the tools need to adapt and they will over time.

Actual example from real world:

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