FSX Import Showcase

i can confirm they work !

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Awesome, thanks!

Would there be anything wrong with taking the gauges from the Aerosoft K21M (which work) and putting them in my SGS 1-26C?

I’ve got the other’s but where is the Plane Converter?

top of the thread follow the pinned links or the video on youyube :wink:

Gauges are in the 3D model, not transferable…

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I downloaded the VS2019(not sure of all the things I needed to check??), but don’t see the .NET Coes 3.1 SDK

Does anyone have a full list of Full 3d Gauges/Cockpit airplanes that can be ported w/o any problems??


Most planes are invisible, how can I change that? :frowning:

convert the textures to DDS DXT5 and make sure to flip them.

no the planes are still invisible.

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Do they show up in the sim at all?

Yes only invisible. I can click on it, but I can’t see it in the hangar.

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all links at top of the page…

How do you add the MSFS 2020 windshield rain effect to an aircraft? Do you just need to replace the window texture in the model with special texture? Can I just paint it on the model?
I didn’t understand the documentation. It was pretty technical.

Got the PMDG 737 to work as well. Exterior looks great and sounds awesome. Interior no gauges. Wouls like to post screenshots but im not allowed yet :confused:

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I tried it as well, but none of the animations worked.

got all downloaded and tried the B26 Marauder, No Joy, doing something wrong with textures as I was trying to follow along with the YouTube Vid. The screen is so small maybe I missed something.
Think I will uninstall all the above and start over.

Just Checking in… I like FSDS for models

hope this works … This pic shows a simple box with a simple bmp later converted to DDS all made with FSDS… The goal here is to get FSDS model program to work in this as we do not know where (Louis) is hanging out… So far all of my models are like this (Box) tester … Just a box in FSDS and a default material and a texture… So far (The FS2020 lighting) causes parts of it to appear (Black) as from this FS2020 hanger pic… The doors open and some of it’s textures appear lit and door closes and the entire box goes black… Not asking a question here on how to fix it… Just wondering how many FSDS users are out there? … This is just a start for FSDS modelers to reply and (Test test test) It will work out as FSDS is the easiest FS model program out there … cause it focuses only on FS and not all the millions of other games out there… Thanks… PS How do you look for replies to my post… I do not wanna scroll down forever to try and find this… I can make step by step newbie tutorials on how to download (plane converter) files and then use Visual studio to make the plane converter (Exe) (In it) and to go from there and run it and you can compile many FSX aircraft and import them into FS2020… PeacE!

I experimented with a few, got textures corrected on a JF C-47 by converting the bmp to DXT1 . got stuff like Captain Sim 727 and C-130 up, but my Posky 747 are blank textures even I converted to DDS DXT1 or should leave it as BMP 32?

One thing some might wonder is I did a conversion of a PC-6 and I attempted to transfer over the generic single engine aircraft.cfg and various cfg from Asobo generic folder and edit within the PC-6 folder in community. It seems to have somehow borked MSFS and stops loading at start up to 50% bar after pressing select start… I rebooted computer, tried admin, etc no dice… I removed the PC-6 aircraft and the MSFS would finally load.