Fuel Calculation Tools

Good afternoon forum,

I typically use Simbrief and Navigraph for flight planning and then once the route is set I port it over to Pilot2ATC and then into the sim itself.

It’s worked nicely so far but the fuel calculations don’t always seem to be right, or there’s just missing functionality. For example there is no C152 or C182T profiles. I can create those airframes but the performance data (unless I am missing something) cannot be added so the fuel calculations aren’t really true / accurate and only go based on the airframe you are copy / editing.

Is this correct or did I miss something?

I did some searching around yesterday and came across this site.


Which lets you do everything online for free and after testing out the different functions while in flight it was pretty much bang on so I went ahead and bought the app version to have on my phone and tablet mounted to the yolk.

Going forward I’ll use it for fuel planning and ignore that part of the simbrief unless as I said above I am completely missing something where I can enter in my performance detail and have it calculate properly.

Aside from that, what are others using for the fuel planning process?

Thanks in advance.

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I fly the both the C152 and 172 quite a lot, and I use the performance tables from Pilots Operating Handbooks found online. The fuel consumption in the sim is accurate enough to do things this way, provided you observe the same engine settings used for your fuel burn calculation, and lean the engine above about 3000 feet. Okay so you have to make a few simple calculations but it only takes seconds once familiar and you’re away.

Obviously fuel calculation becomes much more involved for larger more complex aircraft, maybe not something most folk would want to work out on a bit of paper! Personally I rarely have flown anything larger than a DC3 in all my sim time.

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Yes, agreed I can grab the performance data from the POH’s and calculate using any wide number of tools (I just started using e6bx).

I was just more curious as Simbrief has the built in fuel calculator if there was a way to import / use the correct performance data rather than copying a profile from one it already has.

And then also any other tools for calculating people are using.