Fuel Consumption and Time Compression

Its not a big deal - But I noticed something today with Fuel consumption and using time compression. I couldnt figure out why sometimes I would have tons of fuel leftover after a flight and sometimes I was right on the money (using the default A320). Maybe this has already been posted but I couldnt find it anywhere.

It appears to me using time compression does not effect fuel flow (IE Fuel Flow should be increased as well when using time compression). So on a long flight where I use high time compression the fuel flow is the same as if had not use time compression. Explains to me why on my long flights why I end up with so much more fuel left over then when I have shorter flights and dont use much time compression.

What do you mean by time compression? Do you mean increasing the Sim Rate?

Yes…I think it used to be called time compression in FSX days but increasing sim rate…

im doing a lot of long flight with the Longitude (over 3000nm) and I dont have too much fuel at destination.
seems ok to me.
Maybe its different from plane to plane

I just saw your topic and I have the same problem of consumption that does not decrease during the flight but I do not understand “increase the sim rate”?
Can you explain?thanks

Using the keyboard to go to 2x or 4x times…I use it on long flights so I dont have to wait 8 hours to land.

ok but what does this have to do with the fact that fuel consumption is not decreasing???

Fuel consumption should also be speed up at the same rate as your time compression…if I am using 4x time compression fuel should be used at the same rate - not as if I didn’t have time compression on at all. Again I have no idea if this is legitimate but for me something seems off…If I am taking a short flight where I dont use time compression I have little fuel left over…If I start using time compression I end up with way more fuel then if I did not use at all.

well actually there is a problem with the consumption whether I increase the sim rate or not the level does not move.
I have a question about how to get back to the normal sim rate after increasing or decreasing the rate without doing nm/speed calculations.

Fuel empty in a few seconds!!! See the video after the description

  • Take-off

  • Show the remaining fuel during climb

  • Set simulation speed to the minimum

  • Start analog clock in order to show the simulation speed

  • Show again the remaining fuel, SET PAUSE ON (around 50 seconds on the video) then switching between cockpit and external view few times

  • Fuel start to rapidly drop, in a few seconds I have no fuel!!!

  • Time on the analog clock seems to be frozen (around 1 minute and 55 seconds on the video)

  • Re-set normal simulation rate speed