Fuel Outage At 72%

This has happened to me before with other aircraft at percentages around the low 20s, but never at 72%. That was a first just yesterday flying a Beaver after 40 minutes or so. I don’t think it was a mixture issue or anything like that because after the problem became recurrent in the past, I ended up binding the refuel action to a button. As soon as the tanks are full again, the engines spring back to life.

However it’s getting to a point where I just don’t know if I can make it to any destination without refueling artificially mid flight to avoid this mystery problem. If it doesn’t sound like a bug, I’d love to know what I might be doing wrong.

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maybe a dumb question, but did you thought about switching fuel tank source ?
In older aircraft, the absence of a crossfeed fuel system necessitates manually selecting the tank from which the fuel is being drained.

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Not dumb at all. I may be the dumb one. Gonna try that next time if it happens again, at such high percentage it would’ve never crossed my mind.

The other times I ran into the issue it was a prop plane as well, newer model though, but this may be it.

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