Fuel tank emptying

Is there anyone else having issues with their right fuel tank just emptying and mid-flight

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There are more than 100 aircraft available for MSFS.
How do you except anyone to guess which one you are talking about?

Well I was talking in general :wink:

Generally? No.

Well flew multiple aircraft and the same thing happened

With any of the airliners?

Ga aircraft mostly Piper’s but Cessna has done it it does it multiple times in flight and only the right fuel tank

So, from general we are down to Pipers and Cessnas.
Have you checked if these require fuel tank switching and/or the fuel selector position?

Yes they do but completely full and empty in five minutes

I have had this issue when flying a few different aircraft recently. I may have accidentally dumped though knowing me as often miss click as don’t have steady hands lol

I was running prop rpms real low yesterday, throttle high, and ran out of fuel in about 15 mins yesterday,
the plane just stopped running thought I hit a button but it would not restart to save my life, and right before I hit the ground I noticed I had no fuel…started with 1/2 a load in the Caravan…

thought it was just the low prop rpm high engine rpm myself…

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one I thought I made a stupid mistake in the settings

That’s a pretty rare bug. Can you reproduce it reliably?

No it happens sporadically