Full Screen Mode Not Working

Since the latest update I’m unable to enter full screen mode. I have the latest GPU drivers installed and I have tried ALT/Enter, in fact when I do this the screen enters full screen however everything is a blurry mess. I also noticed that the resolution in options under screen mode is showing 0,0.

This is the first time that i’ve ever seen this happen. Actually I was just flying with no problems the other day until I updated the sim.

I’m running a very high end ROG laptop with a RTX 4090 GPU

Moved to Tech Talk whilst other users try to help you troubleshoot :+1:

You select Full Screen Mode in General Options. Most of the recent betta updates have caused the sim to revert to Windowed Mode so possibly the latest general update has done the same. It is a 30 second job to change it back.

It is unfortunately not possible to choose the Full-Window mode, although you select it it does not change in settings, I need help as well.
Thx in advance.

You did save the setting you changed before leaving settings?