Full throttle, parking brake off, plane moves backwards (ALL PLANES)

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All Airplanes ( I tagged it as C-152, but it happens with all airplanes.

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n/a everything is up to date

Brief description of the issue:

While taxiing, and for takeoff.
(Takeoff) : I put full throttle, verify the parking brake isn’t on, and the plane doesn’t move forward. It instead move backwards at a slow speed.
Also, occasionally, the planes moves forward, but randomly stops, and starts the backward motion.
(Taxiing) : Same problem ( of course not at full throttle)
it usually takes me several tries to even takeoff. Sometimes the planes wont establish
This problem started happening around NOV 2022, after SU11.

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I haven’t seen any other people have the same problem. It happens every time I startup for takeoff.

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HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop, AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6 core, NVIDIA GTX 1650, 8GB RAM

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SU 11

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Couple of thoughts:
Have you disabled/removed all your mods and addons?

  • If “No”, disabled/remove them & see if the issue persists.

  • If “Yes”, unplug all your peripherals except keyboard & mouse, start MSFS & see if the issue persists.
    I have a joystick & Xbox controller attached to my PC. I use the Xbox controller to control the drone. Occasionally one of the axis levers on the Xbox controller does not return to the center-point after I use it, causing my viewpoint after I return to cockpit view to slowly move around. Tapping the lever to re-center it stops that.
    It you have multiple peripherals, I’m thinking you may be seeing something similar, except in your case, the errant controller is causing the issue that you are seeing.

  • Check for conflicting button / lever assignments in the profiles of your attached devices. For example, for each controller in Options | Controls Options, in the “Search by Name” box, type in “toggle pushback” and “reverse” (this will give results for Throttle & Propeller) & look for conflicts.
    If you see none, then clear the Search boxes and set the Filter to “Assigned”, and again, for each of the listed controllers, check for potential conflicts.

Last time I experienced something like this, it was one of my peripherals which was assigned to axes I did not intend it to be assigned to. If you’re using custom control profiles, try switching to default, otherwise try going into any plugged in peripherals and checking if any are unexpectedly set to control the throttle.