Fully Functional Beech King Air 350i

I guess that would go for all the flight models but in particular the Beech King Air 350i

man yes we need this so bad… i really like the king air but this king air is disappointing

Most controls and switches in the King Air are Inop.

At least the FMC and weather radar should be operative.

Well this isn’t really a bug, it’s just that KA350 is just a very basic sim version of the real thing. I’m still flying it almost exclusively but I sometimes wonder why.


Perhaps, but all the other aircraft that are supposed to have weather radar have weather radar.

I won’t even get into the mess that is the lack of turbo-prop physics…

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Would love a study level 350 and to have a non glass cockpit too

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I think JustFlight has got an steam gauge version.

thanks for the information. They do and it will be a full study level plane. It has not released yet but looks great.

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Would be nice if the Kingair got some love from Asobo as we all know it is seriously lacking in many areas or even better if a third party developer did one. Thoughts anyone

As referred to above, the Just Flight (full name: Just Flight Steam Guage Overhaul - Analog King Air) mod, which became available a few months back, is EXCELLENT!

The king air 350 is very kind, but a lot of switches are not functionnal (Battery Bus, Autofeather switch …)
Is it possible to make all switches and circuit breaker fully operating ? Or exist’s a payware version with all of switches working ? It’s disappointing when real checklists can’t be done sccesfully.

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Irresponsible guess, AAU2 will fix this plane

I have the Black Square analogue gauge version and it’s excellent, but perhaps WT will implement a version with the Rockwell Collins Proline21 that they have modelled so well in the CJ4?

And if not their planned overhaul of the Garmin G3X that the stock aircraft currently uses will help.

But I doubt the non avionics systems would get the same level of attention as the Black Square analogue, which really does model all the systems very well.

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This is the standard avionics configuration of the Textron King Air 350I:

Pro Line Fusion is an intuitive touch-screen flight deck that simplifies how we aviate, navigate and communicate.
Featuring standard synthetic vision and enhanced situational awareness, there is no need to fly through FMS
menus. It’s where the power of simplicity meets cutting-edge performance, durability and reliability.
Enjoy direct access to critical information such as
waypoints, routing, weather and all flight planning tools.
Pro Line Fusion flight deck allows for heads-up flying rather
than searching through menus and pages of flight data.
• Collins Aerospace Pro Line Fusion avionics suite

  • Three 14-inch touch-screen displays
  • Synthetic vision system (SVS)
  • Graphical flight planning
  • Integrated charts and maps*
    • Engine-indicating and crew-alerting system (EICAS)
    • Dual flight management system (FMS)
    • MultiScan weather radar
    • Integrated terrain awareness and warning system
    • Traffic alert and collision avoidance system (TCAS II)
    • Automatic flight guidance system (AFGS)
    • Dual navigation and communication radio

You can visit this link:


Will someone from the creators of the Flight simulator 2020 or their respective outsiders be able to work the Proline Fusion that comes standard on the kin Air 350I? If so, we will be infinitely grateful on behalf of the entire community that likes to fly this plane.


Even a ProLine 21 as they had before the Fusion would be a massive improvement and the PL21 is already moddled in depth by Working Title in the CJ4

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