Fun Thread - Log Book Hours?

44:18:20 for me. Wish I had more time for this, but work and my wife are distracters.


mine, since last patch, is not logging any hours, or flight that I make, at all :frowning:


LOL I hear you… Same here …Could do more but… :frowning:

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76 hours as of today

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115 now, I think. Did a lot of flying today, following Twitch group flights, mostly.

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My log book is a mess

276 hours logged so far, 590 landings. This explains it

Btw, restart the sim every 3 hours, saves a lot of pain and misery.
Also the times in the log book are wrong, UTC I guess?


Err gentlemen…I think some of you need to get a life! :rofl: There is the great outdoors to enjoy…and soak up some fresh air and vitamin D. :cowboy_hat_face:


wow 276 hrs ? impressive…

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Mines stuck at 10 and doesnt seem to move anymore lol

88.6 hours logged, 200.1 hours based on steam menu lol

Haha we have a winner! 276h, dang! And I thought I was logging way too many hours with my mere 86h… it certainly feels more.

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True that ! but hey we all get the outdoors and the Vitamin D but really… we enjoying the outdoors , but we also enjoy the sim and talk about it and play . Really if it was all about Vitamin D the why would MS release this sim/game and why would you be here ??? ROFL. Come on honestly… that was a pretty juvenile post lol

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That is a pretty crappy post for a tech alpha insider ! Thought you would be more supportive. Then again… Oh what can I say LOL… I guess some just look around to find faults and not provide constructive advice !

LOL… If I had 276 hrs my wife would be ready to leave me :slight_smile: but hey…That is impressive…Gotta figure out how to convince the missus how I got to get to 276 hrs lol :slight_smile:

I went cycling this afternoon for about 2.5 hours same as yesterday. It’s dark from 12pm where I’m exploring in FS2020, natural break :smiley: I’m ‘blessed’ with not needing much sleep. I can go to bed after 3 AM and be up at 8 or go to bed at midnight and be in the air before 5 AM. Nearly 20 hours a day to do stuff.

Before FS 2020 I poured it all into GT Sport, 12,233 sport mode races logged, Time driven: 129 days, 10 hours, 3 min and 32 s. Before that I went around the galaxy in Elite Dangerous. It was dangerous, no night time to slow me down.

Oh, Steam says I played 464 hours, those 276 hours aren’t even really representative, including auto-pilot time while working or leaving it paused or sitting on the runway. Yet I’m quite enjoying the peace and quiet flying from 5 am to 8 am when the kids start waking up.

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And, last night I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express!

Tomorrow: Fly under the St. Louis, Gateway Arch. I went up in it when I was 6 years old (1966). :slight_smile:


I believe that running in developer mode stops the game from registering flights. It did in my experience. You may want to check the forums if anyone else can confirm this.

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I just had to do it now…

Gone fishin’, just a wishin’
Looks like I caught a few minnows…oh…I guess I should just throw them back :grin:

The peace and quiet , I can definitely relate to…mind you all mine have left the nest…but yep, I understand your comment

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