Funny trick, VR stuttering after switching VR in flight (G2/WMR)

I’m generally happy with my VR experience, running TAA 100, OXR 90 and finding it relatively sharp and smooth. I do find issues sometimes, when switching between VR and 2D while flying. When i switch back to VR performance is horrible. Often it fixes itself after a little while, but today it was stubbornly sticking to < 10 fps in VR, so i played around a little and managed to find an interesting way to get full performance back.

I tried a lot of things, switching on/off VR, pause/unpause etc. I even tried switching off the headset closing WMR and, re-opening it, to no effect.

In the end a simple change in VR rendering resolution did the trick. I changed to TAA 80, hit apply and save, then changed back to my original TAA 100 and could continue the game with normal/smooth fps. It seems this simple change resets something and allows it to work again.

Hopefully this can help someone else stuck in random performance holes.


Try lowering your 2D (pancake mode) settings to lowest, including render scaling. See if that helps as well with consistent FPS when switching to VR mode.

Thanks for the tip!

I’ve noticed that this change affects the quality of the mirrored screen. That really surprises me. I always thought it’s literally a mirror, but this suggests it’s rendering it twice??

Affects it in what way? I have not noticed this.

Well it goes to 1080p,the textures look worse since they are on low, low render scale, etc

That’s very strange. It doesn’t do that for my mirror screen. Because I set my 2D to low, when I switch to VR, the mirror screen looks way better than the 2D view I had just before.

Yeah I thought it was weird too!

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