Fustrating CTD's

Just need to ask , when my sim crashes, I get a screen freeze and loss of sound for about 2 seconds, then the screen unfreezes and the sound comes back and then the it crashes to desktop, if i then try to reload the sim via the FSJumpstarter it doesnt load past the Jumptarter screen but the Steam screens load, I have to completely reboot the pc in order to restart the sim. does anyone else suffer from the same problems?. Yesterday perfect flight, 787-8 Kuro, LEPA to EGCC, today EGGW to Bratislava, LVFR a321 and in the climb a CTD, the only difference between the two flights is today I had FSLTL running.
It really is about time that MS and Asobo got a grip of this issue, you cant tell me that with all highly skilled programmers they have they cant add some coding to the main programme which would produce a log file when the sim is running which would highlight the offending addon or code, much like X-Plane. Is it important to me to have the sim running properly and identify the faulting module or process, yes of course it is, do I have the time to go through the processes the support team want me go through with regard to Vanilla State and Community Folder?, no not really.


You have MSFS running with a third party aircraft, a third party flight injector, and a third party startup short cut and you’re blaming this on MSFS. Try starting in the “normal” way with a stock aircraft and no traffic injection and let us know if you have the same problem. You might want to empty the community folder while your at it. Those are always the first steps in troubleshooting.


CTD’s are annoying

What is Frustrating, is that they have occurred regularly in MSFS, since before it was released, and today, years later, we are still plagued by them, but little or NO way to get specific instances of them, occurring on one’s system, significantly analyzed or fixed.

Personally, I would happily run a test version of MSFS for a month, that had the necessary code to identify what was causing the CTDs, even if that extra processing reduced my frame rate by 50%.

If a little company with a handful of Devs, like X-plane can do it, why can’t a large company like Asobo / Microsoft.

Imagine similar CTD issues with MS WORD or BING

With 10 IDENTICAL CTDs in the past 4 weeks with SU13, I cannot believe that Asobo is not getting this CTD information automatically when monitoring players, in enough detail, to be able to both identify and fix these issues.

A thought —

Maybe its a “Mistake” to assume my “Data is Valid”, but is it “Invalid to Point” out that there is there a “Limit” to how long do we should have to wait in a “Suspended State” for this to be addressed, before “Terminations” start to become necessary. ? :scream:


“I had the same problem after a Windows reinstall because I had insufficient storage on the C: partition. Once I expanded C:, everything was back to normal. Open the Windows Event Manager and check what is displayed after the crash.”

Hi Guys, well today I spent some considerable time in putting the simulator into Vanilla mode as per the Support teams request, just had a flight in the Asobo a320 and 15 mins into the flight A CTD!!!.

Sent in the MSFS report, not sure if it will do any good though.


To offer a friendly advise, try setting your motherboard BIOS to its default.

That may help.

Good afternoon all, yesterday had flight with hardly anything in the Community Folder (not quite Vanilla) to be exact the following folders:-

Flybywire-external tools-simbridge
Navigraph ingamepanels-charts
Navigraph NavData
Navigraph Navdata-base

The sim CTD after 15min.

This morning I renamed my Community folder and using the same Asobo Default a320had a full flight from Luton to Bratislava, the same route as yesterday.

Not quite sure how to fully interpret this result?.

AboezD recommended setting the windows network driver device setting to 100mbps full duplex. Then start FS 2020. This has completely fixed my recently started ctd’s on world map. So far everyone that has tried it for the world map CTd issue has had complete success. Until the last 2 weeks I have had less that 10 ctd’s since day 1 of release. In last 2 weeks I’ve had 15-20. Since the above work around 0 ctd’s.

Hi Rick. appreciate the input which may assist others suffering from the same CTD, I have never had an issue with the map, just when I am airborne.

Ok. Just wanted to share what fixed my issue. It’s an easy setting to do. You might give it a try anyway. It could resolve other ctd issues. Who knows. Good luck! Hope you get resolved soon.

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A few months ago out of the blue i started having CTD on airliner flights ( i dont fly airliners that much) it was odd because id already done two airliner flights to get to where i was it always happened around Paris so i thought that was the issue but it wasn’t. I tried 5 times to do that flight always ended in a ctd so i actually put flightsim away for a few months.

Now im doing 4 or 5 hour real time flights no problem, so what changed? well nothing really apart from one thing, i actually removed my entire graphics drivers and software and did a total clean install as i had prior to the crashes been trying a few different graphics drivers out.

maybe worth trying but point is weird stuff happens with msfs and it sometimes vanishes as quick as it comes


rick, cheers chum.

SecretfarmerGal, there are literally thousands of MSFS simmers who are probably at this very minute are either pulling their hair out, throwing their pc rig off the highest balcony, taking it out their Granny, or generaly just feeling really ■■■■■■ with their CTD’s.

I never had this issue with FSX, or X-Plane11, why the coders didnt encode a detailed crash report into the software is beyond belief, surely they didnt believe that there coding was perfect and CTD’s were NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!, or did they???.

I am pretty sure that at the end of the day I too will be doing a clean reinstall, which is going to be a right pain in the you know what.

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I concur. I’m finding the only CTd I get now is when trying to fly the a310. Instant ctd every time. Been happening for at least a month or so. But hey lots of other planes to fly. Good luck my friend!!

I just did a clean FS2020 re-install yesterday and it took only around 4 hours.

Then went to Content Manager and installed the WU 2 and WU X (10)
for the USA.

No problems with the download speed.
with averages from 120 Mbps to 344 MBps.

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Over the last five days or so, I’ve had probably ten CTDs. Of course I’ve also had a Windows update and an NVidia driver update, so hey, good luck figuring this one out, right? Well I looked in Event Viewer (assuming it wouldn’t be helpful) and saw four of these just before each CTD:

The server Windows.Gaming.GameBar.PresenceServer.Internal.PresenceWriter did not register with DCOM within the required timeout.

I completely deinstalled Game Bar and :crossed_fingers: I’ve flown three flights since without a CTD. The thing is, I’ve never seen that error before - maybe it was brought on by the latest Windows update?

I hope that was the problem, but even that’s the case, I’m sure I’ll get the chance to troubleshoot another one in the morning when I start MSFS again. :crazy_face:

I hope this helps someone at least.

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Is yours a Steam Version?.

Ah, I see its the store version, sorry.

I have a similar problem. My system was completely stable but now I get CTD all the time when using my Varjo Aero in VR. I even completely reformatted my PC and reinstalled everything. I’ll try uninstalling this too.

Sorry CardRocket - I wasn’t sure who you were asking, but I’m on the Steam version.

Update. Just completed another full IFR flight, from LEMD to EGGL, Community Folder has only Navigraph and the New 787-9 from Horizon.

Went as smooth as silk, one did occur, the 787-9 did not intercept the Glide Slope, Localiser was fine.

So, all I have to now is load every addon back into the Community folder one at time and have a flight hoping that at some point i will come across an Addon that causes MSFS to crash.

I will keep the forum posted.