Fuzzy flyers are recruiting

Our acrobatic team called the fuzzy flyers are looking for dedicated pilots.

We are an existing team which practices once a week flying with the cap 10. We are performing acrobatics in close formation and we are able to perform a full show.

However are looking for some dedicated players to be able to use other formations, and perform new manoeuvres.

Are you the fs pilot who wants to fly in formation and perform acrobatics, then you are the
person that we are looking for.

However some requirements are requested.

  • VR or trackIR are a must to be able to fly in formation, as also a fast enough PC.
  • You also need some decent hotas to be able to perfom the acrobatics.
  • Good flying skills in the sim, and being eager to learn.

We practice every Friday at 6:30 pm UTC, in flight communications is done by discord channel.

Please PM me, or reply to this message when you are intrested to fly with us.


We fly our own livery, from the beautiful surroundings of LFNA. We fly various in formations, Loopings, Cuban’s, Rolls, Breaks etc.

And with a lot of fun, too!

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might be a problem for xbox users

And what about VR /TrackIR & Joystick - are those compatible to Xbox? Current pilots are all PC.

hey, do you have a discord/facebook group?

Hey, yes we do have a discord group, which we use for communication. I have sent you the channel in PM.

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Hey guys, still recruiting?


Hey Ralonsoc

You can join our discord.

Training is every Friday evening at 21:30 CET.

How do I join

The Fuzzy Flyers disbanded at the beginning of the year.

What happened