FYI - CTD Kernelbase.dll

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

I made typo in the file content.xml

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

In notepad or notepad++ open file named content.xml
edit line under <Priorities>
delete greater than symbol > and type dot
save changes and launch msfs
wait for CTD

e.g - below was a typo in the file content.xml

If on PC, Fault Bucket ID

Fault bucket 1160218167889718318

faulting module name: KERNELBASE.dll

Are you using DX12?


Are you using DLSS?


Please add error message to figure out which file and line has the problem instead CTD kernelbase.dll

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manually changing a “config file” with the intention of producing a crash is a bit un-common, but a good test-case and good to know what happens in that case :wink:

May be the heading can changed to better point on the test-scenario.

That’s a good catch, logging should show what caused it to fall over. Showing the problem file that was being used at the time will save people a lot of grief tracking down the source.

One off our systems at work which has a very complex procedure it does also captures logs so if it skips a step because of any error, it’s possible to track down why and be able to easily re-do the bits that were skipped.

The developer and I insisted on doing that.

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but in this case here, it should not happen. A user should never change that file manually and a piece of code will never create invalid xml file if validation is on before store it. Of course let the game crash without showing an error-message-popup is not best solution and “can be optimized” ( and yes, I thought also game developers are aware that such infos necessary ) , but I assume the game can not react in any case on such an invalid file ( again: which the user self have created ) and so the result is same ( ok, may be in case of content.xml the file can be re-created :slight_smile: ).

Therefore also my wish to give the topic a meaningfull heading to point to the fact " manualy changed a game internal config file "