FYI, RE:Crash to desktop

Just FYI I have developed games by my own before, I know it is a very tremendous work, very heavy work which can take an entire day just to fix one little simple thing, or create a simple thing.
So I know about the kind of work Microsoft FS2020 team is doing.

I have removed and reinstalled FS2020 for the second time in 3 days to try to solve CTD, it still crashes as soon as aircraft and environment loads and cockpit view appears.
Community folder is empty, it always has been.
I am also pretty sure by now it is not my PC’s problem, it was working just fine on July 25, there’s a memory leak or something related to performance that came with that disastrous update o July 26.

Everything in graphics is now on low or OFF as well as AI, live traffic…etc and still crashes on cockpit view, or crashes before it even reach main menu.

If FS2020 team already knows about these performance problems, and is trying to fix them, they can have all the time in the world to do so, but otherwise if they think the solution is for us to go get the latest and most expensive gaming laptops, then they need to start rolling back production to July 25.

Thank you

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Did you read this?
Sim Freezes When Trying to Load into Aiports/Airfields - Bugs & Issues / CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Thanks, though I am not flying London or Moscow, even if i were, going into folders, deleting and adding stuff there is obviously not the solution to the problem, the solution should be provided by FS2020 through hotfixes/updates.


It is not London or Moscow alone.
May I draw your attention to what ssy523 said?

I have those sceneries uninstalled through the content manager. No need for diving into folders.
My understanding of this is that Asobo did change some stuff and now the developers of these affected addons have to recode.
Maybe you are right and it is enough when Asobo provides some solutions for the addon developers.
Personally I think it is a little more complicated

You are right that a lot of work has been done by the makers. I notice that the visual display has become much quieter. And that the stuttering of it no longer occurs. There are now much more fps. So great progress! Many additions have also been made for new users. I can remember from the early days of fs2020 that there was a great need for tutorial help. Also the extra added planes are great to fly with. (such as landings on water etc.)

If a game has undergone so many improvements, it may be that after the update there are some settings that you as an experienced user no longer need. Then you can turn it on or off in the general options.

There may also be settings that are not right, so that indeed the landscape is no longer as it was before. I also experienced this with a previous update and received the following tip from Zendesk that worked immediately;

After update 5 I also had a fallback in scenery and no road traffic etc. Again I repeated the earlier advised steps. And again, landscape and buildings and road traffic are back to how they were before the update.

Give it a try. I hope I can help with this.

The sim might not be streaming Bing Data World Graphics data.

To Restart Online Functionality, simply do the following:

Step 1: Toggle Online Functionality OFF

Step 2: Click on Apply & Save

Step 3: Toggle Online Functionality ON

Step 4: Click on Apply & Save

I followed these steps after update 5 again.

I turned the online function OFF and clicked Apply & Save

Then turned ON the online function and then clicked Apply & Save

Then Microsoft Flightsimulator 2020 restarted. And YES the problem was solved.

All terrain details are back. Forests and landscapes look as they really are.

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Thanks - I will do that. I also cured most CTDs before the hotfix by examining all USB devices & ports in Device Manager. I found some had the Power Management setting allowing Windows to cut power to them if ‘needed’ (shouldn’t ever be needed but we can’t trust windows 100%).
I also examined the antivirus - MSFS is now a virtually new program so maybe it was trying to interfere.
And did a disk cleanup/optimise.
Finally fixed any bug in X-box app (this has caused odd probs before) by uninstall - restart PC - reinstall of it. Takes moments and saves hunting for corrupt drivers etc.
Since then all has been well except long pauses and dropout of 3d scenery. So hoping that trying your idea will fix that.

I don’t have problem with terrain, i have problem with crashes

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I have a very expensive top of the range gaming PC with the best NVIDIA grfx car - and it is STILL crashing. What this program is doing to middle of the road and small PCs I shudder to think.

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Agree, how many hours are we supposed to spend on this, it should work. We need a fix that will make it work. Over to you Asobo.

If you have overclocks applied to your core or memory speeds on your GPU, remove them. I have found that spawning in a less scenery intensive area will alow the sim to load to the flight. At that point, you can end the flight, and select the airport you want to go to from the main menu. I discovered this while trying to load KJFK for LOD and Render Scaling tweaking. If I load my home airport near St Louis, it loads fine. End flight, go back to world map, select airport, loads and runs fine. 4hours+ with no crashes.

For reference, I have a 10700k at 5.1 all-core, 3060ti with ONLY power and max temp sliders maxed out (+0 on core and memory clocks), 32 GB GSkill Neo 3600 RAM. No other “trick” optimizations or addons that have accumulated over the last year (game mode, etc ON). AFC Bridge for Honeycomb Bravo in Community Folder. I DID do a full uninstall/reinstall of the sim while chasing the crashing issue.

I don’t think people are really grasping how much this new update hates overclocks on GPUs.

Until the load on the GPU gets fixed, and the CTDs that is causing the crashes goes away, spawning into a less dense airport, at least until it loads, seems to work for me.

These are my specs below and still I am also getting CTS’s. I’ve just given up. Waiting for another update. Luckily, I can still run X-Plane fast enough.
11th Gen Intel(R) Core™ i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz 3.50 GHz
64.0 GB (63.8 GB usable)
64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
NVIDIA 3090 24 megs GPU

I can’t even load into a random grass runway or in the air anywhere. Instant CTD 100% of the time when I click fly now. Not on an old slow machine either and all steps were taken to prevent CTD but nothing works

My son’s 9 year old Asus ROG laptop with a 4700 cpu and a 3 GB 770M GPU doesn’t crash after I started running the Sim vanilla with the GPU clocks zeroed out. I didn’t do any of the “tricks” such as shutting off game mode or changing priority or any of those old attempts at improving performance either. With vsync set to 30 fps in-game, it’s smooth and stable.

Has anyone suggested doing things like running DISM and SFC to ensure your operating system is sound?

this problem caused by the update right? Load times are really slow now when loading into airport. When it fully loads it crashes. Sometimes when I open up FS it crashes. I am very frustrated and confused. How do I fix this bro? Or will Asobo fix it. I read all the forums and nothing makes sense cuz I’m not computer geek​:sob::sob::sob:

Where do I find this option “Online Functionality” ?

To find “Online Functionality”:

  1. Start FS2020 (of course)
  2. At the top of the screen is the button “Options” Click on it.
  3. Then click on General Options.
  4. Click on data.
  5. The top one is the Online Functionality button.

You said: Everything in graphics is now on low or OFF as well as AI, live traffic…etc and still crashes on cockpit view, or crashes before it even reach main menu."
So perhaps you could give it a try

Thanks :grinning: :+1:

I did try it, now it doesn’t even get to the man menu after restart, it crashes while initial loading

You can request technical support from Zendesk.
They helped me quickly when I had a problem. You have to fill in all the details of your PC, Windows version, etc. Then they will look at it and advise you further.
See the picture. You have to click on te "submit a Request"link om top of the page.