Fyling Iron Spitfire map Canopy button?

Hi Guys

I cant find a command for close/open Canopy. Id like to map it.

I guess there is nothing i can do about it right?

Did you ever find a solution?

The solution is to script a custom function for a program that interfaces with the sim.

I use this script with Axis and Ohs (the dots are really spaces): (L:AIRFRAME_DOOR,·Number)·0·==·if{1·(L:AIRFRAME_CanopySliderTarget,·Number)·-·(>L:AIRFRAME_CanopySliderTarget,·Number)}

It’s a toggle (on-off) function that verifies that the side door is also closed (value at 0).

I’m not sure if there is a way to do it without third party software, if there is it would require modding the plane to similar effect (in either case, solution available on PC only).