G 1000 MFD brightness

Is there a way to control the brightness in the G1000 MFD? It’s very dark since this last upgrade.


Which one? Stock or WT G1000 Nxi?

I use the G1000 NXi, WT. (Should have described that initially) I was wondering if there was a brightness control knob, button, slider, what ever. Before the last update when I flew at night the MFD was pretty bright and washed out a bit, but couldn’t find any way to change the brightness. I read that if you go back to the native G1000 the MFD brightness improves.

depends on the plane I’d guess. The G36 has a brightness knob to the right of the throttle quadrant.

On the G1000 NXi, hit the MENU button on the PFD. That brings up brightness controls. You can set it to AUTO or override with a manual setting. AUTO is the default. Or at least it was prior to 0.9.0. I haven’t been in the sim yet since the update, so I can’t confirm this is still the case.

In NXi G1000. ON PFD hit Menu, found brightness controls. Set MFD to manual but it was set to 100% already. So I cut it to 75%, hit enter to see MFD would get darker, but nothing happened, it stayed the same. In the Stock version the MFD comes up like it’s off. Unloaded WT G1000 and tried to get MFD to become visible, bit it is set to 100% as well. In the stock G1000 the MFD is off. In C172.

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