G force meter available?

Is there some kind of G force meter available for all aircraft in MSFS? I want to know how much my passengers are suffering…

don’t think so. but if you enable g-forces and no g-suit and your guy blacks out then you’ll know your passengers are suffering…or at least will be shortly…

I know there was one in the Hawker Hunter in P3D, but I’m pretty sure Dave told me it hasn’t been properly implemented in MSFS as it only measured the force in one direction. Now it may have been fixed since, but it definitely didn’t work properly at the time the Hunter was released.

Doesn’t shift-z stats add-on show g force (optionally)?

Also available on flightsim.to


I want to die peacefully, like my grandfather, not with screams of terror like his passengers.
I guess they didn’t have “Auto Land” by Garmin in those days.

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Very nice addon. Thanks!!!

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