G1000 Course Heading for vor

Does anyone else have an issue putting in the proper course for the locolizer? The course knob seems to do nothing.

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Actually upon further testing it appears that the inbound course is set but is set to the reverse of what it should be. For example. Inbound course was 242 and it automatically entered 064, which is the opposite and would not allow me to change it.

What approach?

Coming into KGRB runway 24

Plus the course knob does nothing

According to Flightplan com info runway 24 ILS is a back course of 06. That’s why you got 064. Never tried BC yet, and not sure if it works.

Edit link to BC flying.

Yep I noticed that after I posted, but shouldnt we be able to manual change the course? The course knob made no change.

is not working at the moment for ILS, which is wrong of course. please report it to zendesk and lets hope they care to fix that

yeah i put it in. I have put in like 10 that are glidescopes picking up at wrong fix, missing fixes, etc. Prob not a big priority.