G1000 & G3000 Mods?

After the current update should we be using these mods?

For 2D, WT team confirmed G1000 V3.4 usable with Sim Update 3. There is a later update available now for G3000. Not sure what the implications are for VR users.

Link to mods? thx

Bottom of page.

Thanks so much! The brightness and the cartoony looking PFD/MFD graphics that look completely unrealistic has been the most annoying thing to me for the entire MSFS experience during my transition over from X-plane.

Do these mods solve or mitigate microstutters in planes with glass cockpit?

I don’t have any microstutters in planes with glass cockpits.

Update - No issue here some times there is no function for the menu so nothing happens when you press it

I have just tried this mod in the C172 G1000 and the menu button does nothing on the right hand side MFD, has anybody encountered this, i, using the latest version 3.4,cheers


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