G1000 ILS Approach planning help

I managed to program a flight directly into the Cessna 172 G1000 today, also added an ILS approach for fun.

The videos I have watched seem a bit vague on the “Activate” option - the approach was loaded and shows correctly but when or do you need to activate it?

This is the planner “activate” not the AP approach mode.

Any tips?

You should activate it when you’re inbound to the initial approach fix, or when you’re being vectored for the approach.

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Ok, thanks, so just before the end of the GPS part of the flight, and go to AP approach mode after turning onto the approach leg but before the glide slope point and at a height to intercept as shown on the plate?

I seem to recall the G1000 NXi will automatically sequence to the approach when you reach the final waypoint of your fight plan. You will still need to activate approach mode yourself.

I’ll try this tomorrow, i also want to see what happens if you let the plane reach the tarmac with AP still on - i tried twice but each time I bottled it and landed manually - silly in a simulator, i guess the survival instinct must be strong :slight_smile:

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Set your altitude target below runway height, turn on NAV and VNAV, and see how close it gets :+1:

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Well, it’s the same principle for every kind of approach (ILS, RNP, LOC DME etc.) The point you need is marked IAF on the chart, that’s the point by which your approach should be activated. It’s not necessarily on the final approach leg.

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I can’t find any reference to a point marked IAF of the plates?

Anyhow, I did a lovely short trip today, Southend airport to London City airport, night time flight, GPS course with ILS approach and it all worked 100%, yes the ILS legs do self-activate in the Cessna 172 G1000, a lovely system.

I did mess up by using ATC and then landing with ILS on a different runway but i’ll take that as a rookie error :wink: and yes, I do take the approach way down before disconnecting the AP but hey, I paid for the system so I’m gonna use it, right :wink: :wink: